A Nordstrom Expert Reveals How You Should Really Shop

To add to our plethora of savvy shopping tips, we reached out to Nordstrom's national personal stylist director, Kathy Fisher, for her expert advice. The pro shopper revealed five ways to improve your purchasing decisions and ensure you're shopping the right way. After all, according to our data, Nordstrom is your favorite retailer, so insider tips straight from the source are pure gold. From always asking for a second opinion to stocking your closet with the right essentials, keep reading for Fisher's insights.

Scroll down for five ways to become a better shopper. 

"Of course my first tip would be to shop with a personal stylist!" Fisher says. "It's one of the most convenient (and fun!) ways to shop. Most department stores offer the service for free, and it can really change the way you think about shopping. Having a trusted expert who can get to know you and your style makes shopping quick, stress-free, and efficient."

"I really believe in starting with the shoes to create an outfit," Fisher tells us. "Most people leave them till last, which I think can be a mistake. Shoes are complicated! Your feet can’t hurt, and the shoes have to look good. The shoe department is always my first stop."

"Build up your basic wardrobe. Basic doesn't have to be boring—find and invest in the building blocks of your wardrobe. Everyone needs one leather jacket that goes with everything, a great coat (don't be afraid of color here), one crisp white blouse, and one pair of black skinny jeans. I'd recommend Frame Denim skinny jeans. They fit every body type and are amazing. It's worth it to invest in these pieces you wear over and over, even if they aren't the most exciting things in your closet," Fisher explains.

"Finding a great tailor is essential. They can transform a garment. Nordstrom and many other stores have alterations departments that can work wonders. A great tailor can make an item look like it was made for you," says Fisher.

"Be open!" Fisher advises. "Don't limit yourself to what your colors are or what your style usually is; be open to new trends or pieces. You'd be surprised what works for you! Being open to new things will keep your wardrobe fresh and make shopping more fun."

Everyone needs a pair for clean white sneakers. 

The V-cut neckline and cinched waist make this dress insanely slimming. 

The knotted waist makes this jumpsuit very flattering. 

Snag this affordable dress before it's gone. 

Never enough off-the-shoulder tops, right?

An updated version of the denim skirt you owned in high school. 

These dainty sandals scream summer vacation. 

This dress + a sleek leather jacket + ankle boots = your next date-night look.

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