Shop My Instagram—These Are My Top 27 Latest Finds

Shop My Instagram is a series dedicated to our associate editor’s favorite fashion buys. Kristen always gets questions about her outfits on her Instagram account, @kristenmarienichols, so she decided to turn her latest picks into a shopping series where she can highlight current must-haves. Come back each month to find out what she’s wearing.

This month, I continued wearing some of my favorite pieces from the summer but also started to embrace some of fall’s biggest trends. I headed to Italy for a vacation at the beginning of September, so it gave me an excuse to wear all of the warm-weather items I’d been collecting, like smocked tops and cool sandals. Since I’m based in L.A., too, I can wear most of these pieces year-round.

With the season ahead on my mind, though, I’ve been inspired to add some more fall-inspired pieces into the mix. Cowboy boots are one of the trends I have been more excited about, so I was quick to add a pair into the fold, plus items like leopard jeans, velvet heels, logo midi skirts, and balloon-sleeve tops that easily blend into my wardrobe right now but will also work for months down the road.

Ahead, get a look at all of the best items in my closet right now and see exactly how I’m wearing them. Then, shop them for yourself.