Shopbop's Beauty Sale Is So Good I'm Screaming—37 Items You'll Regret Not Buying

As a beauty editor who has been testing, reviewing, and writing about products for nearly seven years, it takes a lot to excite me. Call me jaded, but there aren't many products or sales capable of delighting my beauty-loving self since I became completely immersed in the industry. However, every so often, game-changing products collide with a game-changing sale at one of my favorite retailers and make me scream with excitement. Such was the case when I heard about Shopbop's epic spring beauty sale

You can score 15% off some of Shopbop's best beauty offerings using the code BEAUTY15 at checkout until May 29 (yup, you better get a move on). Shopbop's beauty selection is sublime, so you can't go wrong with whatever you decide to plop in your cart. That being said, I couldn't help but go a little crazy and come up with a list of 37 iconic products I know you'll regret not buying while they're temporarily discounted. Curious? Keep scrolling!

Starface's instantly recognizable pimple patches are the cutest way to treat a pimple while simultaneously staving off pick-happy fingers. I like this iteration—each sticky star is infused with salicylic acid, so you get even more zit-eradicating magic.

If you prefer a natural toothpaste but don't want to compromise on whitening, this is my top recommendation.

I used to be ride or die for salon manicures, but press-on nails have come a long way in the last few years, and these ones from Chillhouse are no exception. In my opinion, the brand's chic designs eclipse all others. 

How brilliant is this mattifying roller, which effortlessly glides across your face to absorb excess oil without removing makeup? Once you try it, you'll never want to be without it. 

I'm absolutely obsessed with every cool, retro-inspired SPF product Vacation debuts. But this 2023 take on an old-school favorite—baby oil—might be the brand's best yet. Unlike the baby oil of yesteryear, which helped toast rather than protect sun-exposed skin, this SPF 30 formula repels burns and summer-inflicted sun damage. It gives your skin the same mirror-like shine punctuated by the brilliantly nostalgic "baby oil accord" scent sans scorch.

I go wild for rose anything, but this super-hydrating cuticle oil is so effective and special. If you love anything that feels extra-luxe, you'll love this. 

I love how soft, smooth, and plush these adorable lip masks make my lips feel. They even have a natural and super-subtle plumping effect. Store your pack in the fridge and slap one on after you exfoliate your lips, and let the all-natural collagen-infused mask work its wonders. It's a game-changing ritual pre-lipstick.

Ask any beauty editor, and they'll tell you this filler-inspired formula from Lawless is their favorite plumping lip gloss. Prepare yourself because you'll want it in every shade!

This orange-vanilla hand cream from Grown Alchemist is a top pick among hand cream snobs everywhere. If I were you, I'd snag multiple tubes. It's non-greasy, smells heavenly, and is filled with beautifying ingredients like grapeseed, aloe, rosehip, camellia, rose petal, rosehip, sea buckthorn berry, and more. 

After years of bleaching my hair, I credit this treatment as being the most important item in my routine. It has kept my hair soft, shiny, and, most importantly, on my head!

I'm addicted to how good this leave-in conditioner from Ouai smells, but it also leaves your hair glassy, soft, and tangle-free to boot. 

You should wear sunscreen every day, regardless of the weather or time of year. And thanks to this stellar kit of best sellers from Supergoop!, forming the habit has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Once I started dry brushing a few times a week before my morning shower, I could never go back. The physical exfoliation and detoxification benefits are one thing, but I swear it also gives me the best buzz of energy. It has even reduced some bumps and cellulite. I recommend one with a long handle, so it's easier to reach your back and legs. 

I cringe whenever I discover a friend or family member uses a regular towel to dry their hair. Swap in a microfiber hair towel like this one that expedites dry time and will also cause less damage and frizz.

These pretty blushes from RMS are the ultimate compromise between a powder and a cream. They glide on effortlessly and deposit the perfect amount of pigment. 

I've lost track of how many of the cult-loved silk scrunchies from Slip I have. They're such an essential part of my healthy-hair routine, and I always grab more when I have the chance. 

I've been on a huge scalp care kick recently, and this luxe duo from Ceremonia has been game changing. 

This mascara is the next best thing if you're not into falsies, extensions, or lash serums. I'm annoyingly picky when it comes to mascara formulas (I swear the brush can make or break it for me), but it's like Dr. Devgan entered my brain and concocted the perfect mascara formula based on all my wants and needs. This product has a flexible rubber brush that can catch every last lash and yields A+ separation. Plus, the science-backed formula delivers the prettiest curl and extension-like length. 

Celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend once told me this split-end serum is a haircut in a bottle. He wasn't wrong, and I've used it religiously ever since.

Peter Thomas Roth's Instant FIRMx line has gone viral on TikTok. This new primer, however, is my favorite of the bunch. Wear it under your foundation to see pores and fine lines vanish before your eyes. So many primers and products these days claim to minimize the look of pores or give you an airbrushed finish, but this is one of the few I've tried that actually succeeds.

So many self-tanning formulas for the face leave me broken out, orange, or a gnarly combination of both. This holy-grail favorite from Tan Luxe is one of the only ones that leave my skin glowing and sun-kissed. Plus, mixing a few drops into your daily moisturizer couldn't be easier! 

If you want your foundation to look undetectable, this legendary dual-ended application and buffing brush from Kevyn Aucoin is a must. 

Creaseless clips have never looked prettier. 

Celebrity facialist Candace Marino agrees that this is one of the most luxurious lip treatments money can buy. The texture is insane, and your lips will stay hydrated and shiny for hours. 

I recently switched from Latisse to this Who What Wear editor favorite, and let me tell you, my lashes have never looked better. 

I absolutely love the skin-smoothing powers of a high-quality physical exfoliator like this cult favorite from Goldfaden MD. Whenever people comment on how good or radiant my skin looks, it's usually because I've used this ruby crystal scrub the night prior. 

I'm telling you to buy the trio because if you only get one shade (like me—whoops), you'll instantly fall in love and wish you had at least two more. 

Meet the vitamin C serum beauty editors and Hailey Bieber swear by for bright and flawless skin. 

I finally caved and bought this iconic vented brush from Yves Durif after practically every celebrity I've ever interviewed rattled it off as a nonnegotiable. It's amazing, and I regret nothing. 

Celebrity facialists agree that these iconic daily smoothing peels from Dr. Dennis Gross are one of the most strategic products to use for smooth skin. 

Does this cream from Augustinus Bader even need an introduction? It gets me compliments like, "oh my god, your skin looks good." And it's currently on sale! Run, don't walk. 

Everything from the celebrity and editor-loved brand Costa Brazil is divine, but this firming body oil is one of my favorite beauty products. At this point, I've probably gone through five bottles. It's especially great for the summer months. It's an eco-friendly formula composed of a cold-pressed blend of rare Amazonian ingredients high in vitamins, omegas, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that tighten skin and stave off signs of aging.

Stoney Clover Lane makes the prettiest makeup bags, and this is the one I'm currently obsessing over. 

Biotin makes me break out like crazy (yes, it's a thing), and since practically every hair-and-skin supplement contains gobs of it, I haven't been able to use most of the products on the market. So, I've had to look at other types of formulas out there. I'm a big fan of high-quality collagen, but this one from Agent Nateur is, in my opinion, the only one worth the money. It's a collaboration with renowned functional medicine expert Will Cole, IFMCP, DNM, D.C., and features marine collagen and pearl powder as its two hero ingredients. In each scoop, you get over 30 essential trace minerals like silica, magnesium, calcium, and potassium which work synergistically to optimize hair, skin, and nail health. I love blending it into my smoothies or coffee, and I appreciate that it also contains a decent amount of protein—roughly eight grams per scoop. It's the easiest hack for enviable skin, hair, and nails.

These in-demand hot rollers are key to getting voluminous '90s supermodel hair

I'm pretty sure I apologize whenever I recommend anything from 111Skin, especially these bio-cellulose face masks. They are so good I could scream but also so expensive. They transform the look and feel of your skin in seconds and are the gold standard for prepping celebrity complexions ahead of red-carpet events. The brand rarely goes on sale, so you can bet your bottom dollar I'll grab this master set of best sellers before it's gone.

Celebs, facialists, editors, and content creators absolutely gush over Furtuna's luxurious facial elixirs, and this multitasking face and eye serum might just be the be-all-end-all favorite. It's injected with the brand's signature Splendore Anchusa Complex, which features phenolic antioxidants, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids. It's like youth in a bottle.