I'm Obsessed With Shoes—These Are the Best to Buy for Spring, Starting at $25

I know everyone thinks they love shoes, but I really love shoes. Especially as someone who tends to dress in basics, they often are the focal point of my outfit and the first thing I choose when getting dressed. And while I've always been this way, my obsession has only been heightened since I'm currently expecting baby number two, investing in new clothes that I won't be able to wear for at least another six months just doesn't feel like the smartest move right now. So, accessories it is!

With spring just around the corner—or at least that's what I like to tell myself—I can't help but turn my attention to the season's plethora of footwear choices. From loafers to sandals to mules, clogs, and non-wintery boots, there's so much I'm looking forward to for the months ahead you can only imagine how many pairs are on my wish list. To get a little glimpse into what I'm currently coveting, just keep scrolling.

I'm just waiting for Kendall Jenner to step out in these.

I always have room for more cool sneakers.

I feel like pink shoes are about to have a moment.

I'd wear these Hailey Bieber–approved Uggs in any season.

These would look so cool with of-the-moment stirrup leggings.

The fisherman is definitely still a thing this spring.

Can you tell I'm very into comfy flats right now?

I'm just so happy shoes like this are trending again.

I own these in snake print and they're one of my favorite pairs of heels to wear.

Get the height without sacrificing comfort.

I think these will be next on my purchase list.

These can be dressed up or down so easily.