These Chic Shirts Don't Need a Bra

As much as we love a top that shows off our lingerie, from brightly colored underwires to sleek black bralettes, sometimes we’re seeking that one-and-done that doesn’t require a bra of any kind. The fewer layers, the less fuss—and let us tell you we’re all about a gorgeous look that’s as effortless as possible.

While some might find that they are free to go braless with almost every top in their closet, the rest of us have to be a little more careful about our selections when leaving our previous and supportive lingerie at home. As such, there are two top styles that nearly never need a bra underneath, and they’re our go-tos on both hot summer days as well as frigid winter nights.

With bodysuits and structured bustier tops, you’re all set to walk out the door with little more than a top. No layering, worrying about bra straps that show, or dealing with underwires digging into your skin. Shop our favorite chic shirts that don’t need a bra right here.


A bodysuit can be used as a layering piece in lieu of a bra or simply as a top that will never untuck, worn alone for effortlessly chic appeal. When going for this style without a bra underneath, make sure the material airs on the thicker and tighter end of the spectrum so that your top is basically like a bra in and of itself.

Structured Tops

With a more structured top, there are already layers of fabric, corseted structures, or maybe even a bra-like boning already, so there's little need for another layer. Just throw on one of these statement tops when you get out of the shower and you're good to go.

Shop all of the above tops for the most effortless glamour you've ever attained.

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