12 Sexy Dresses That Are Totally Appropriate To Wear To A Wedding

It’s wedding season—obviously—which means you’ve probably already spent more time and money than you’d care to confess hunting down dress after dress to wear to ceremony after ceremony. And most of the time, if you’re being totally honest, the attire you come up with usually falls into one of two categories: a bit overly appropriate (read: boring), or a bit on the sexy side (read: bound to upset the bride).

Good news is here: you can wear a dress that’s sexy, appropriate, and unlikely to rustle anyone’s feathers. The key: absolute commitment to moderation. For example, show a bit of skin, but not too much. Wear a cocktail-length dress with an above-the-knee hemline, but no shorter. Show a little bit of cleavage but wear a cardigan over it. Of course, that’s not all; keep reading for more tips and shopping suggestions, too!

Here are 12 sexy dresses that are still totally appropriate to wear to a wedding!