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Ever since Serena Kerrigan came into the digital-creator space, she has been a force to be reckoned with. She is the mind behind the popular card game Let's Fucking Date (if you watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you can find the cast playing Kerrigan's game at a dinner this season), which came as a direct result of her viral Instagram Live dating show. Kerrigan has only grown her community and raised her profile as a CEO and social media powerhouse in her own right. Not to mention, Kerrigan was recently recognized on the Forbes 30 Under 30: Social Media list.

She has managed to turn her ultra-confident internet persona, Serena Fucking Kerrigan (or SFK), into a brand reaching far wider than just a card game and a social media following. Kerrigan has her own subscription service that operates like a streaming platform and gives you access to exclusive video content of her life, which she has named SFKTV. She has sold out several one-woman live shows, where her audience can come and ask Kerrigan in-person questions about dating, advancing in your career, and finding self-confidence. Attendees also get the chance to play a round or two of Let's Fucking Date live. This is a chance to connect with Kerrigan in person and an opportunity to meet other women in the SFK community. Many people come to the show alone and leave with new friends in their city. 

While I had always followed along with Kerrigan's social media career, what really got me interested in her was her commitment to building her own self-confidence and her determination to empower the people who make up her community. Not to mention, it's clear that Kerrigan has a strong sense of personal style. Just a quick scroll of her Instagram will tell you that she has definitely been channeling her inner fashion person. She's frequently spotted in brands the fashion set loves, such as Helsa, Loewe, Miu Miu, LaPointe, and Staud. Plus, if you're at a fashion party in NYC, it wouldn't be out of the norm to bump into Kerrigan. With 2023 being such a big year for Kerrigan's success and her clear love for fashion, I took the opportunity to tap the queen of confidence to talk about dressing for your dream life, using fashion as a tool for self-confidence, the fashion items that boost her confidence, tips for enhancing your own personal style, and so much more. 

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Why a card game?

I created the card game in 2020 during the pandemic. I had a live dating show I was doing on Instagram—the first-ever dating reality show on Instagram—where I dated 50 men in 2020 over the course of three seasons, and people would tune in on Instagram Live. It was a whole viral, chaotic experience and wild opportunity. I would go on a date with a guy, two guys every week, in front of a whole audience. … I'm like, "How do I break the ice quickly without asking boring questions that everyone asks, like 'Where are you from?' 'Where'd you go to college?'" So really, I just started coming up with more interesting questions to ask on the dates I was going on, and then people were asking for me to share them. One day, some girl sent me a direct message and said, "If only you could be there every day with me." And I thought, "What if I could?" 

I created the Let's Fucking Date Card Game as a way for people to bring me with them on dates and to help you to just open up and create a little more intimacy. The game is the perfect icebreaker, and it really is just a tool to feel more confident in dating. But the game has really spun into four different iterations of the games, including our latest game, Let's Fucking Go. [It's] the first platonic version because all of them are very sexual and romantic, and they build (it's not crazy), but I wanted to create a game you could play with friends without a sexual element. You can play with friends for holiday parties with family. That was the whole vibe.

Do you think that fashion can be used as a tool for self-confidence?

Yes, absolutely. I think it's all about that—wearing clothes that fit your body. Clothes have been a huge part of helping me gain my confidence. Why do you think I'm wearing this blazer right now to talk to you? I could have been in sweats, but when I wear something like this, I suddenly become that character. Right now, I'm a baddie CEO talking to you instead of just on a Zoom call in sweatpants. Even in sweats, I'm still a badass CEO, but it's harder to really get into that energy and that behavior—that rhythm. It's about channeling who you want to become when you get dressed. What would a confident person look like? What would … Beyoncé wear? That's what I'm gonna wear.

What items in your wardrobe make you feel the most confident? 

I'm a big power-suit girl. It's literally called a power suit for a reason. I think that the SFK persona that I created is very much a woman who's always in a suit, one that's tailored to perfection. I'm wearing this one by Ronny Kobo that is really sick. I just love the contradiction of a woman in a masculine suit, but it's tailored for my female body. I just love that. I feel like I really possess a boss-like energy when I wear a power suit.

What advice would you give someone who wants to level up their personal style along with their sense of self-confidence?

Allison Bornstein is an amazing person that I follow religiously when it comes to personal style. She has a book [that] really helps you with her three style words. The style words that she chose for me were "sexy" "tailored," and "bold," which is very on-brand for me. Those style words are very helpful when you're trying to figure out what your personal style is.

What brands are you loving right now?

I'm loving Heaven Mayhem, which does these incredible earrings, as you know. I love Ronny Kobo, just all of her stuff. I love the way it's tailored. Aureum Collective is another I love. They just came out with belts—loving that.


(Image credit: @serenakerrigan)

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