I'm a Busy Mom—These Skincare Products Help Me Prioritize Myself

Whenever I scroll through social media, I often wonder how people manage to do it all. How are they able to make their lives appear so effortless, even with a million things on their plates? Sometimes I'm in awe. Some days I feel jealous. And I occasionally compare myself to them (which just makes me feel like I'm not doing enough). So it's refreshing when someone I admire hits me with some honesty. Take Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, the founder of self-care brand and modern-day spa Chillhouse, for example. "I get a lot of help. It takes an army," she tells me. Despite the help, I'm still impressed by how much she does on her own. Not only does she have a business to run, but she's a new mom to a ridiculously cute little boy, Heni. So I decided to dig deeper and find out how the founder of Chillhouse actually chills out.

"Self-care is survival. Rather than getting to that point of burnout, it's better to get into a lifestyle where self-care is a part of your routine," explains Ramirez-Fulton. "Whether it's going to yoga or indulging in skincare, you need to take that moment for yourself daily so that you can show up for others in a positive way." What's her latest obsession? Treating herself to everyone's favorite French skincare brand, Clarins. "I'm big into facial massages, and Clarins has such elevated products. After application, I see an instant shift," she tells me. What else does she do to power through the day? Keep scrolling for a peek into a typical day in the life of one woman who's juggling it all.

As soon as Ramirez-Fulton wakes up (and before her baby does), she does her skincare routine for the day. Having just returned from Paris, she's been on a French kick, so her love for Clarins has only intensified. "The scent, the texture, it's all so satisfying," Ramirez-Fulton tells me. "In a world full of trends and gimmicks, it's so nice to see a brand keep to their tried and true application methods while still being able to focus on product innovation in efficacious ways." She currently has three Clarins products on rotation: Total Eye Lift ($89) and Double Serum ($127) are her go-to products every morning and night, and she uses Extra-Firming Energy ($88), as the last step in her morning routine to give her complexion a lifted look.

Today, we're focusing on Total Eye Lift. "The secret is in how the lightweight balm melts into the skin and the careful application," says Ramirez-Fulton. To reap all of this cream's benefits, warm it between your fingers for a few seconds, then use three fingertips to gently press under the eyes, over the eyelids, and onto lashes, starting from the inner corners of your eyes to the temples. Then finish by gently pressing between your eyebrows to stimulate lymphatic drainage. The formula is made with a new blend of organic harungana extract and cassie flower wax, which, in combination with Clarins' unique application method, helps the product fully absorb into the skin and gives the look of a visible eye lift in 60 seconds. According to Ramirez-Fulton, "It really does target wrinkles, crow's feet, dark circles, and all the puffiness."

After Ramirez-Fulton is finished with her morning skincare routine, she wakes up her son, Heni. "Kissing my baby in the morning is the ultimate self-care moment," she gushes. Next, she moves on to playtime and breakfast. "I go pretty light—either a banana or some of Heni's leftover eggs and avocado with a matcha latte or an iced coffee. Basically, I'll go for anything that doesn't weigh me down," she says. Afterward, she'll check her email and put out any small fires before heading to the gym.

One of the most important parts of Ramirez-Fulton's day is her workout. "I enjoy the simplicity of a gym these days. There's something very grounding about going back to a very traditional way of working out, and it's really keeping me motivated. I've been working out three to four times a week. I'm trying to start running a bit, so my workouts generally include some treadmill work followed by weight training and mat work. If I'm not working out regularly, I immediately notice my anxiety levels increase. I care less about what I consume, I'm less inclined to make good food decisions, and I'm more inclined to drink heavily. It's imperative that I keep up with my routine to stay sharp and focused," she explains.

After her sweat sesh, Ramirez-Fulton quickly freshens up and gets to work. "I usually touch base with my team then get into emails with a quick lunch squeezed in. I'll eat anything that gives me energy, like a salad or a protein dish with veggies. It's so important that I stay sharp and energized to get through the day, and my meals are a huge part of that equation," she says. "I tend to schedule the more administrative brain work on the earlier side of the day and the lighter creative tasks like photoshoots later in the afternoon. It's a fun way to end the workday."

"My whole life motto is to live a balanced life. There's no point in working yourself to a point of burnout if you can't reap the rewards of it," says Ramirez-Fulton. This is exactly why she tries to get out of the house for happy hour or date night with her husband at the end of a long day. And of course, she ends the night by unwinding with Clarins