7 Chic Scandi Influencers on the Outfits They're Wearing at Home

You only have to look as far as Copenhagen Fashion Week to realise Scandinavian women are icons when it comes to personal style. Known for their bold use of colour, daring outfit combinations and overall statement-making looks, there's a unique sensibility that comes with the Scandinavian aesthetic

Given their reputation as some of the coolest women in the fashion industry, we thought now would be a good time to see what Scandi influencers are choosing to wear in the comfort of their own homes, away from the street style photographers and hoards of fellow fashionistas. We spoke to Jeanette Madsen, Nina Sandbech, Anna Sarlvit and more, and each of their answers was unique, as you might expect. 

Unsurprisingly, bold colour is still on the agenda, as several women admitted to using bright shades to boost their moods. Aside from that, comfy loungewear seems to be a high priority with pastel activewear and tracksuit sets also being popular items. If you're looking for a little at-home inspiration, keep scrolling to see what Scandi women are wearing at home. 

Jeanette Madsen


Based in Denmark
(Image credit: @_jeanettemadsen_)

"I've actually been wearing what I would normally wear during the week when I'm only going to work, except for the accessories. I love a casual look mixed with something feminine. So a tracksuit paired with a trench coat and a cute little bag is a favourite outfit."

Karoline Dall


Based in Denmark
(Image credit: @karodall)

"Most days I dress up even though I’m just at home. I love wearing colours. It brightens up my day and makes it so much more fun!"

Nnenna Echem


Based in Norway
(Image credit: @nnennaechem)

"During quarantine, I decided that it’s important to get dressed as normal to keep my spirits up. I usually use a lot of colours and mix different prints when I get dressed. It’s unbelievable how much dressing up as normal helps with your mood during quarantine. Here, I put together an outfit with blue gingham pants and a blue silk scarf that I actually decided to wear as a top!" 

Marie Hindkær


Based in Denmark
(Image credit: @mariehindkaer)

"With no social events to attend, I stick to my comfiest pieces. I love borrowing from the boys, and oversize sweaters are my current #stayhome pieces.”

Sara Flaaen


Based in Norway
(Image credit: @saraflaaen)

"My #stayathome looks can really be described with two words: layering and beige (on beige). Oftentimes combined in one look! I’m such a coldie, so I always need to (and love to) layer up during spring, and beige is definitively my colour crush right now. This oversize hoodie from Holzweiler is a new closet favourite for sure! Here, I've combined it with a pair of straight-legged faux-leather pants from Gina Tricot. I always love to support Scandi brands, but it feels extra good right now!"

Nina Sandbech


Based in Norway
(Image credit: @ninasandbech)

"I've been wearing mostly my workout clothes from Adidas, and I’m also obsessed with purple these days." 

Anna Sarlvit


Based in Denmark
(Image credit: @annasarlvit)

"During my quarantine, I’ve actually really enjoyed the fact that I’ve been able to wear comfy clothes almost every day of the week and not only on Sundays as I’m used to. This soft, knitted, chocolate-coloured set is from Zara Home, and together with big socks knitted by my grandmom herself, it’s probably what I’ve been wearing the most during this period." 

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