The Fashion Girl's Guide to San Francisco

New York and Los Angeles aren’t the only U.S. cities fashion girls should be paying attention to—you’d be remiss to leave San Francisco off your list. Need some convincing? Cuyana recently invited us to get a firsthand look at some of the city’s buzziest spots, and to say we were impressed would be an understatement. Our goal on the trip: to get a sneak peek at some of the places on Cuyana’s San Francisco travel guide, created in collaboration with Cereal magazine. Our takeaway: SF is a seriously underrated fashion haunt, rife with chic spots that rival fashion’s biggest cities. (No, not everyone dresses in gray hoodies à la Mark Zuckerberg!)

We tapped Cuyana’s founder and CEO, Karla Gallardo, to get the scoop on the collab and her expert take on why San Francisco should be on every fashion girl’s radar. “Our partnership with Cereal magazine is the result of a joint appreciation for design, travel, and the subtle elements that make those experiences special,” she tells Who What Wear. “We were thrilled to introduce our audiences to San Francisco through our joint lens.”

As for Gallardo’s thoughts on SF style, she says the city’s booming tech industry definitely helps the fashion realm. “San Francisco’s fashion scene reflects the innovative spirit of the city, and I think it’s the ideal environment for growth,” Gallardo tells us. “There is an abundance of fresh ideas floating around this city that are meant to improve the way that we live, and I think any fashion girl can connect with that.”

Scroll down to take a peek at spots on the Cuyana x Cereal travel guide, and go a bit further to shop the full guidebook for yourself!

Which spots are on your must-see list? Tell us in the comments below!