Sami Miró Is the Future of Vintage Fashion

Sami Miró climbs her way up a paint-splattered yellow ladder posted squarely in the center of her closet. “As you can see, it’s kind of precarious,” she laughs, “but it makes it that much more fun.” It’s clear from the get-go that Miró isn’t afraid of a little risk. In fact, it’s exactly what has set her apart from any of her multi-hyphenate contemporaries. Sure, she studied marketing and worked in tech, but it was a swerve to follow her high school passion that led her to where she is now: a stylist, designer, and social media influencer currently perched in a room surrounded by her vintage treasures.

Today Miró may dress the likes of Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid in her Sami Miró Vintage designs, but in the beginning, fashion branded Miró an outsider. Flash back to Miró’s teenage years in San Francisco: “I went to high school with kids who wore designer brands, and I didn’t come from that same financial background,” she tells me after our photo shoot. “I discovered it as a way to be able to wear the popular brands but get them at an affordable price.”

At the time, the requisite stains and distortions of her vintage picks elicited the judgment of her logo-anointed peers, but to Miró, it sparked something different. “It gave me confidence,” she says. “I was shy and realized what made my clothing unique was the wear and the tear. I started to appreciate what made each piece individual.”


Samuel Schultz