6 Designers to Know From Moscow Fashion Week

The capital of Russia is redefining what it means to be an international hub. Known for its unique onion dome architecture, fine cuisine, art museums, and vibrant city life, Moscow is moving to the forefront of innovative and novel fashion. Fashion week is expanding its horizons, and no longer can one get away with only paying attention to the conventional players of New York, London, Paris, and Milan. There’s something special about the counterculture looks coming out of these smaller yet spectacular fashion weeks such as Copenhagen and Tbilisi. And now, Russia is finally having its moment. 

What separates Moscow from its analog cities is that the Russian fashion week also serves as an incubator for emerging young and international talent. Alexander Shumsky, the president of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, says that the event is now receiving applications from all over the world. Global designers are sending in their portfolios in exchange for a ticket to the most buzzed-about venue on social media. 

The Global Talents initiative is now a staple each year in which the Russian Fashion Council selects a group of international designers from all corners of the globe to show their new collections on Moscow grounds. By adding international designers to their season, their very own talent, young Russian designers, also receive vital inspiration, states Shumsky. The unfamiliar and extraordinary street style, along with the singular and striking energy of the fashion on display at this dazzling and uncompromising fashion week wowed us beyond belief. The youth have taken control, and we're here to show you the designers who took center stage this Moscow Fashion Week.


Moscow-based brand Kruzhok is redefining the Russian underground streetwear scene. Its post-apocalyptic show was complete with references to Steve Irwin through camouflage prints, overalls, and hoodies paired with asymmetrical details perfect for fly fishing or for going out on the town.

Red September

Taking a modern approach to streetwear, designer Olga Vasyukova is elevating the mundane with her unique style. This season's show was a whimsical treat, from Halloween masks down to ombré denim corsets and matching minis, along with clear plastic suiting and a montage of modern moto jackets. 

Product of Imitation

This season, the '80s spoke to the Product of Imitation team. Together, Anton Galetsky and Elena Vitebskaia created a collection that sported everything from pastel colors to power suiting. 

Mad Daisy Moscow

Inclusion was at the center of Margarita Fedoseeva’s Mad Daisy show with an opening dedication to women living with alopecia. Her garments proved just as powerful as the messaging behind the show, brimming with flowy silk dresses and puff details in sleeves and silhouettes. 


Founded by Artem Bakhtin, this edgy brand is reviving rock 'n' roll. This season riffs on the '90s rock scene: patent-leather jumpers and impeccable suiting coupled with retro fits and nostalgic prints abound. 

Leaf Xia

Winner of Moscow Global Talent initiative, Leaf Xia headed to Russia to showcase her very own fantasy world. Incorporating explosions of color, kitschy cartoon graphics, and playful embellishments with butterflies, sequins, and tulle, this designer is one to look out for.