The 4 Trends Everyone Will Wear in 2020 Thanks to Copenhagen Fashion Week


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Sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste—Copenhagen Fashion Week was a feast for all five of my senses. As for sight, there was no shortage of spellbindingly beautiful and wildly cool things to see on the S/S 20 runways, including delicate pink feathers at Cecilie Bahnsen, rhinestone belts and bras at Saks Potts, whimsical cloud prints at Helmstedt, and oversize bow bags at Rodebjer. There was also an abundance of eye candy to see on the Copenhagen street style scene, which included lots of Bottega Veneta clutches and gobs of inventive styling tricks.

When it comes to the sense of touch, there were plenty of things I could feel—such as the silks, sequins, and smocked organza I witnessed backstage—but my most valuable takeaways fall under a more abstract interpretation of the word. There was the feeling of joy at Stine Goya, where inclusivity reigned supreme and people of all walks of life were given a chance to sashay down the runway, much to the delight of the cheering crowd. I felt goosebumps at Saks Potts, where a live orchestra played at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Then there was the feeling of anxiety about the rain followed by pure, unadulterated fun at Ganni's outdoor show, where dark clouds loomed and ponchos were handed out but the rain abated until—as if right on cue—it came pouring down during the finale-turned-dance party set to the tune of Danish singer Mø's "Lean On."


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At the risk of overdoing it with this five senses metaphor, Mø's spirited live performance at Ganni was indeed a highlight when it came to what I heard at the shows. I also heard soothing piano at Cecilie Bahnsen contrasted with the ultimate party playlist at Rotate (hint: "Material Girl" and "It's Raining Men" were involved).

I scarfed down food by cult Danish chef Frederik Bille Brahe at the opening dinner and devoured pizza at Ganni's after-party. Last but not least, there was the sweet smell of a fashion week success—just kidding; I couldn't think of anything particularly enlightening related to the sense of smell, but you get the point.

All things considered, Copenhagen Fashion Week's most enduring quality is its ability to dictate trends, so now that you have a behind-the-scenes look at the week, it's time to circle back to the clothes themselves. Without further ado, scroll down for my breakdown of the best runway trends everyone will want to wear in 2020.

1. Long, Baggy Shorts

Step aside, bike shorts. Designers showing at Copenhagen Fashion Week were all about baggy knee-length shorts, which were paired with everything from snakeskin-printed jackets to hoodies. 


(Image credit: Stand)


(Image credit: Ganni)


Baum und Pfergarten
(Image credit: Baum und Pferdgarten)


Mykke Hoffman
(Image credit: Mykke Hoffman)


(Image credit: Brøgger)

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2. Feathery Dresses

Romantics at heart, this one is for you. Cecilie Bahnsen, By Malene Birger, and Rotate were all on the same page about feathery dresses, and we can't wait to wear them in 2020 (or, you know, right now). 


Cecilie Bahnsen
(Image credit: Cecilie Bahnsen)


By Malene Birger
(Image credit: By Malene Birger)


(Image credit: Rotate)


Cecilie Bahnsen
(Image credit: Cecilie Bahnsen)

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3. Printed Tights

A slew of shows during Copenhagen Fashion Week featured colorful printed tights, so we have a feeling there will be plenty of fresh options to choose from in 2020.


Stine Goya
(Image credit: Stine Goya)


(Image credit: Résumé)


Saks Potts
(Image credit: Saks Potts)


Baum und Pfergarten
(Image credit: Baum und Pferdgarten)

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4. Colorful Over-the-Knee Boots

Any trend Ganni stands behind is bound to be huge. This season, almost every look at the show was anchored by snakeskin-printed, over-the-knee boots in blue and green. 


(Image credit: Ganni)


(Image credit: Ganni)

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This press trip was paid for by Copenhagen Fashion Week. Editor's opinions are her own.

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