Runway Proof That the 2000s Are Back

If you have ever taken the time to really sit back and reminisce about fashion back in the early 2000s, you'll recall quite a few memorable trends. Some might make you chuckle, and others will make you realize that fashion today is pretty in line with these once loved styles.

Since we have been seeing a resurgence of this time period among celebrities, we wanted to prove that not only are celebs flaunting the hottest trends from the 2000s, but also, designers have been bringing back some key pieces of their own. While they aren't necessarily sending out head-to-toe '00s looks, they are incorporating some of the standouts of this time and are showing them in a modern way via fresh styling. From low-slung pants to decked-out tracksuits, we have runway proof that these long-lost trends are officially here to stay in for S/S 16.

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