I Just Tried This Viral Hair Serum for a Month—the Results Were Incredible


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When it comes to Afro hair products, I can guarantee you that I've tried a fair few. From oils to hair extensions, it seems there are always a new launches popping up on the haircare market.

One of these launches comes courtesy of British hair brand Ruka, which launched in 2021 with a mission to pair hair lovers with extensions that match textured hair patterns. Since its conception, the brand has gone on to expand its range and now include wet products and tools as part of its roster. Having long been on my radar as a cool, innovative haircare brand, when Ruka announced the launch of an additional product in its wet range, I knew I had to give the now-viral serum a try. 


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Although I would say I am far from heat-avoidant, this year I have challenged myself to be more aware of the products I'm using as well as the temperature of tools I opt for in order to prioritise my hair's health. However, making a commitment to better hair is one thing, but actually switching to low-tension styles and protein-laden routines is another. Thankfully, Ruka's aptly named Save Me Serum promises to fix that dilemma. 

The serum boasts a nutrient-packed ingredient list of mongongo oil, which is suitability sourced from Western Zambia and rich in vitamin E; rosemary extract, which acts as an antioxidant; and amino silicone, which works to condition hair and improve overall strand health. Oh, and have I mentioned it's said to protect hair from harmful UV rays, too? 

Scroll down to read my honest, first-person review of the serum, as well as how I incorporated it into my haircare routine and my favourite products from the brand. Enjoy!

How I used the viral Ruka hair serum:

1. Wash and apply


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In the wash day run-up—usually about every eight to 10 days for me—I generally look to see what my hair is in need of via a rough detangle and feeling of the scalp. As I knew the serum was said to work by creating a protective barrier across the month, I followed a smaller-than-usual routine consisting of a shampoo (twice to really get that scalp clean), a condition and a leave-in conditioner spray. This was in order to see if the serum was a standout product and actually made a difference without the assistance of my beloved masks and creams. To prevent tangles, post-conditioning I made sure to part and twist my hair ready for styling.

2. Dry


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When it comes to creating the best foundation for a new style, I prefer to blow-dry my hair using the tension method—holding a section of your hair taut and running the dryer up and down the section using a cooler setting than normal in order to reduce heat damage—a process made all the more easier when using an Afro-friendly brush-blow dryer.

3. Style


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Not to be dramatic, but is there anything chicer than slicked edges? I’ll admit that I, at times, lack the required level of finesse (and patience) to create an ultra-smooth edge. However, using the serum seriously improved my edge dexterity.

For über-smooth edges, brush in line with the natural growth pattern of your hairline before wrapping it with a silk scarf and blasting with cool air via your favourite hair dryer to seal the style.

My mid-month thoughts:


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One of the biggest success markers for me with this serum was that after about two weeks of use, there was a noticeable difference in the smoothness of my edges. Despite the wider range of edge control options on the market, I am constantly looking for products that help smoothen coiled hairlines without much heat or gel. By the second spin of the serum, my considerably smoother edges and I were sold.

My final thoughts:

Overall, the Save Me Serum held up to the hype. My hair felt smoother and far from the occasional dry (read: crispy) feeling that Afro hair occasionally gets after prolonged heat exposure without adequate protection. 


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As someone who, during the sunnier seasons, often experiences discolouration in my hair due to the sun bleaching—a process that strips the melanin in hair, causing it to become lighter—I'd love to see how it's UV ray protection promises hold up in the summer. Watch this space!

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