So This Is the Shirt Trend We'll All Be Wearing in 2018


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Among the grunge, babydoll, and logomania trends that were so prevalent in the '90s was the preppy trend, and one of the essential pieces in every prepster's closet was a rugby shirt. The polo-striped hybrid tops featured were a trademark of the country club-chic look, but since then, rugby shirts have become eclipsed by Brenton shirt as the go-to striped tee. But we've said it before, and we'll say it again: Everything in fashion comes back around, and the rugby shirt is indeed back.

J.Crew head stylist Gayle Spannaus just told Vogue, "I think the rugby is so timeless, and it's more than an 'off-duty' top." The brand's recent dedication to reissuing iconic piece's from its archives led them to a new version of the rugby shirt, which was heavily highlighted in its 1984 catalog.

J.Crew prominently featured rugby shirts in its F/W 17 presentation, and Gucci's latest men's collection contains several iterations of the trend. Not only that, but Spannaus told Vogue that even more styles of rugby shirts are set for release next spring. You should probably just go ahead and get yours now, before all of your friends do.

Head over to Vogue to find out what else J.Crew's head stylist has to say about the trend, and shop our rugby shirt picks below!


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