The 9 Outfits to Pack to Survive Your Summer Road Trip

Don’t get us wrong—we love jet-setting away to the coolest destination on the other side of the planet, but sometimes all you need is a low-key road trip to keep you going during the summer. Of course, when you’re spending a number of hours crammed into a packed car with your friends, packing the right road trip outfits can easily fall on the lackluster side, leading you to opt for shorts and T-shirts throughout the trip.

However, as the Instagram-savvy person you are, we know you’ll be snapping away at every roadside attraction you see. Why not take your personal style along for the ride? Keeping that in mind, we’re taking outfit inspiration on what to wear for a road trip from our favorite influencers. From graphic tees and jeans to lightweight dresses, these looks will ensure you look good for every stop on the way—and you’ll feel comfortable for the journey between each one.

Now check out the simple outfit that’ll take you from day to night on your next vacation.