I Was So Over These Jeans in 2004, But Reformation Changed Me

I know that there's a lot of early aughts trends that are once again on the rise (mini bags, colored sunglasses, and tracksuits, to name a few. But one style I never expected back on my radar was jeans sans back pockets. For some reason, I still have visions of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and J.Lo sporting the style way back when, and I don't think I had quite moved past my own confusion over the jeans I used to wear. But Reformation's new throwback denim changed all that.

Though technically, the style references the high-waisted styles of the 1970s (hence why they're dubbed the "70's Jean"), spotting them on Emily Ratajkowski brings me immediately back to high school, and honestly, I kind of like it. Not only are the jeans flattering, but there's no risk of sitting on your cell phone or god forbid a chocolate bar. And while similar styles in 2003 were low-waisted, a higher rise gives these jeans a more of-the-moment feel. Read on to see how Ratajkowski styled the jeans and to shop them along with more from Reformation.