30 Wonderfully Random Things I Bet You Didn't Know You Could Buy on Nordstrom

Random Nordstrom items



You may have noticed that we discuss Nordstrom quite a bit here at Who What Wear. And honestly, can you blame us? It's really the perfect retailer—a one-stop shop of sorts—but you already knew that. That said, most of what we cover is fashion related, so I'm shaking things up a little by introducing you to a whole slew of items that you probably didn't know you could buy from Nordstrom.

I was just browsing through my own Nordstrom order history, and I noticed that I actually buy more random items than I do clothes from Nordstrom. And when I say random, I mean things like steamers, pet gear, home items, and so much more.

Below, I've rounded up some of the most useful and random items you can buy on Nordstrom in case you're in the mood for some non-fashion shopping for a change.

Basically the chicest wine glasses ever made.

This portable ironing press will change your life.

I might have to buy this for my pup before it sells out.

The reviews for this popular sleep device are pretty convincing.

This little tool is the start of some very cool eye makeup looks.

If you've ever used the hair dryer in hotel bathrooms, you probably know why you need this for future trips.

My jaw dropped when I found out that this exists.

Once you bring this on a trip, you'll never use another travel duffle again.

Le Labo makes deodorant? Sign me up.

Speaking of dogs, I bet this smells heavenly.

Any coffee lover would surely appreciate this stylish carafe.

A great coffee-table book for a music lover.

I've been dying to try this buzzy little tool.

This is a must for spreading hair masks into your hair.

Chic wrapping paper really makes a world of difference.

This is small enough to throw into your suitcase.

If you happen to need an inflatable pool, this would be a major upgrade.

There's no reason why your pillbox can't be chic too.

I imagine this would be useful if you have kids.

I can't get over how affordable this chic floor lamp is.