Rachel Zoe Has Confirmed These 3 Trends Will Look Good Years From Now


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As of late, it seems you can't scroll through social media without stumbling upon a TikTok or Twitter thread with a heady dose of nostalgia. We've seen collective sentimentality reflected through sartorial choices (e.g., the return of Y2K-inspired trends and the alt-girl aesthetic), and on a larger scale, we've seen more fashion houses pull inspiration from their archives. We can see the influence nostalgia has had most prominently in trends, but if we're being honest, there's always been one particular fashion-industry expert who can make us feel wistful: Rachel Zoe

Any fashion-obsessed millennial can most likely recall a time when they first became acquainted with Zoe's work. Maybe it was realizing she styled a starlet in the pages of a glossy zine or watching her reality TV show on Bravo entitled The Rachel Zoe Project. But whatever way you came to her work, there's no denying that her impact is woven into every part of the zeitgeist. With over 29 years in the fashion industry, Zoe can be accredited as the brain behind some of the most viral moments in fashion, from red carpet looks to fashion trends. 

She not only styled some of the biggest starlets of the mid-aughts (think Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie) but also made some of those trends like boho-chic popular. Beyond styling, she launched her namesake label and digital publication. If that weren't enough, she more recently co-founded Curateur, a membership-based shopping service. All of this is to say that Zoe has been and continues to be one of the driving forces behind what's stylish. So when we were offered the chance to speak with her, we giddily accepted. 

Ahead, Zoe is talking about what she's learned throughout her career, some of her favorite styling moments, and, of course, which winter trends she feels are worth investing in for the long haul. 


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You've cemented yourself as a legend in the fashion industry for your work, but what's one thing you think many people might not know about you?

Although I have built my career as an extrovert who thrives off meeting interesting, dynamic people and constantly being in large social gatherings, one thing that I think people might not know about me is that I am an introvert. When I am not working, I am very much a homebody, and I always prefer to be at home with Rodger and the kids. 

You've been a stylist and designer for 30 years. Over the course of your career, what have you learned? 

One of the biggest lessons I have learned is to always trust my instincts. When I question them, that is when I make the most mistakes. I have found that confidence comes from experience, which is only something you learn as you live your career journey. It really is experience and years of living out your career on so many levels that afford you this ease about how you go about the subsequent phases in your life. When I was younger, I was insecure and feared that I would fail. You must learn to trust your instincts and believe you are in your position because you earned it. The biggest lesson is that working hard wins in the end. There are no shortcuts to success.


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Rachel Zoe and Anne Hathaway at the Marc Jacobs Spring 09 show.

You've worked with an incredible client roster over the years and created some of the most iconic red carpet looks. Why do you feel styling as a whole is an integral part of pop culture? 

I think styling, at least from how I approached it, is from a very psychological standpoint where I get to know my client and get to understand the person they are trying to put out there into the world. Red carpet styling, specifically, is such a public forum where people place judgment without you actually speaking. It was always helping to create an image or send a message to people. Many of my clients went through periods in their lives where they wanted to dress differently, only wear black, dye their hair a different color, etc. For me, styling is so important because you are really there as someone's advocate to help them navigate their image in the public eye.


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Are there any looks you've styled that stand out as looks that will be cemented into the style zeitgeist? 

There are many that have been honored over the last 15 years or so, but there are a few that stand out the most. Anne Hathaway in Atelier Versace at the Venice Film Festival, Jennifer Garner in the one-shoulder Valentino at the 2004 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Cameron Diaz in the magenta Dior with turquoise jewelry at the 2007 Met Ball, and Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Couture at the 2012 Oscars… The list goes on!


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Since you've dedicated your career to helping others hone in on their style, what advice would you give our readers to craft their own?

My greatest advice would be to own your own personal style. Get inspired by people whose style you love, and try to emulate different parts of that while also doing what works for you and your own body type. There is a lot of trial and error in creating your own personal style, but the winner will always be what you feel the most confident about.

You've spent a lifetime curating wardrobes. Do you have any advice for readers looking to clean out their closets this season potentially? 

First and foremost, my most significant piece of advice is [this]: If you haven't looked at it in years or reached for it, get rid of it. Please get rid of all the trendy bags you don't wear and swap them with more classic ones that will stand time. I recommend investing in timeless pieces—nothing too trendy or something that will lose appeal after a few wears. 


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Rachel Zoe during New York Fashion Week in 2012.

Are there any pieces that are essential to any woman's wardrobe? If so, why?

Accessories that reflect your personal style are an absolute must. A great pair of earrings, a bag, or a fabulous pair of sunglasses are lovely ways to add some flair to your wardrobe.

Since jewelry is one of your must-have staples, are there any brands you love?

One of my favorite jewelry brands is Oscar Massin because they offer exceptional jewelry at various price points. It's the perfect gift for yourself or any woman in your life, and I always recommend them because they consider the environment. They are the first to use 100% climate-neutral, lab-grown diamonds in recycled 18k gold. The Latitude lab-grown diamonds achieve 100% climate neutrality and a net-zero carbon footprint.

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Rachel Zoe on the set of The Rachel Zoe Project season five.

As a seasoned stylist, you've seen it all regarding trends. How has your relationship with what's "stylish" at the moment evolved over the years?

Trends will come and go, but I've learned to invest in great pieces you love. Whether that's a bag or a piece of jewelry, these are timeless pieces you'll be able to wear with any trend. There's nothing like pairing a particular style of dress or top with a classic hoop earring.

You're cited as being the stylist making "boho chic" a thing in the mid-aughts. As we see a resurgence of trends from that era, are there any specific trends you hope will make a comeback? 

I would say that the good news is I haven't changed my style all that much! The oversize coats, big bags, wide-leg pants, bell bottoms, caftans, and chunky, oversize sweaters are all coming back.

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We're officially in full swing of fall, with winter on the horizon—are there trends you feel are worth investing in right now that lend themselves to looking stylish years from now?

1. Faux-Fur Coats


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I think a few fall trends are highly worth investing in. The first is an oversize faux-fur coat. Faux fur is something I always wear year-round, but I find myself reaching for them the most throughout the winter months. I think having a few solid faux-fur coats in your closet is a trend that will continue to be stylish over time.

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2. Luxe Loungewear


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Another trend that leans heavily during the fall and winter months is luxury lounge dressing. Cashmere sweaters, scarves, etc., are always worth investing in and are timeless pieces that will always remain relevant.

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3. Platform Shoes


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Lastly, big, chunky platforms are back and better than ever. I have worn platforms throughout the years and love that they are making a comeback now, and I feel they will continue to be stylish.

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Are there any fashion brands you love and feel will become big in 2023?

I am obsessed with Khaite. [Catherin Holstein] just won the CFDA for American Womenswear Designer of the Year, and I see big things happening for her in 2023. I am also forever obsessed with Oscar de la Renta under the creative direction of Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim and Carolina Herrera with Wes Gordon as creative director. They continue to be legendary, and I love what they are doing—taking a very iconic brand and putting a modern take on the design—which I love and know will be an even bigger success in the future.

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Rachel Zoe at the 2016 New York amfAR Gala.

What does style mean to you? And what role do you think style plays in shaping us collectively and as individuals? 

Style is not fashion. Style is so much larger than fashion. It is your whole being, how you carry yourself, conduct yourself with people, and move in a room. The way you dress yourself is only one small part of style. Style is who you are at the core—not in a superficial way but in how you treat people and approach life.

What do you hope your legacy will be? What do you want the fashion industry to take away from your work? 

If I could leave behind the notion of living a glamorous life, whatever that means to you, then I think that is a win for me. Trying to help women live their absolute best lives—whether that is how to entertain or how you walk out the door, approaching your life in the best manner, and helping them live their best lives in the most glamorous way—is what I want people to take from my work.

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