Wait, Queen Elizabeth Is Nailing These 2018 Trends

There's a reason we can't stop talking about the British royals: They all have amazing style. Sure, Meghan has garnered way, way more than her fair share of attention (and for good reason), but on a more underrated note, it's actually Queen Elizabeth II whose style is catching my eye these days. Hear me out—the 92-year-old queen has been a royal, well, her entire life. Born as the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York, she's extremely well-versed in the rules that dictate royal style.

Once I took a closer look at what the queen's been wearing these days, it hit me: She's low-key nailing some of the biggest 2018 trends yet. It's surprising, considering just how rare it is that the royals wear any of the same trends as the fashion crowd. But although you won't see the queen in this summer's It items like strappy sandals or woven bags, her outfits have been nailing the biggest 2018 color trends: Gen-Z Yellow, neon green, pretty lilac, and bright fuchsia.

Sure, anyone could wear these colors, but the queen's impeccably coordinated tonal looks are quite possibly the best way to approach wearing these buzzy colors. But don't take my word for it—see how the queen is wearing four of the biggest color trends of the year and shop pieces inspired by her outfits.