Our Hair Has Never Been Softer or Happier Thanks to This Game-Changing Product

Pardon my bluntness, but I would say roughly 80% of beauty trends (be it a type of product, ingredient, treatment, color craze… the list goes on infinitely) ultimately fail. They're either too expensive, too out-there, or just too specific in time period or look to have lasting stamina. That said, one bourgeoning trend that first reared its head a few years ago and continues to become bigger, better, and increasingly more relevant is customizable beauty—formulas we can tweak and tailor to strategically address our unique hair, skin, or makeup needs. More and more brands have been jumping on the customization bandwagon, but if my beauty PIC Courtney Higgs and I had to play favorites as of late, we'd tell you Prose, an ingenious, obsession-worthy custom haircare line, is our newfound infatuation for giving our stressed-out strands the ultimate, ultra-personal dose of TLC.

Interestingly, there's this rather sus phenomenon wherein tons of haircare brands (and the majority of products they carry) suddenly maintain and advertise that their lineup can be used on all hair types. Take a stroll through offerings at any major retailer, and you'll find that an astounding number of formulas say they play nicely with coily, curly, wavy, and fine hair alike. Of course, this looks great on paper (especially given the rising call and need for exponentially greater diversity in the beauty arena), but we're calling bullshit. I'm sorry, but 99 times out of 100, a shampoo that I love for my fine, highly bleached strands just won't cut it for someone with super-thick hair or a coily texture. And vice versa! Haircare, like any other category in beauty, is hardly one-size-fits-all. So, my friends, that's where the beauty of Prose comes in. 


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I trust Courtney with my life, and I also trust her with my hair (or anything else even relatively related to beauty, for that matter). We may have different hair types—she has 4b, and I have 2a—but when she told me she'd been trying a customized lineup of hair products from Prose and was giddily happy and surprised with the results, I couldn't wait to jump on the Prose train, too.

Yes, there are a few other customizable haircare brands out there, but Prose really takes it to a new level. You start the process by taking an incredibly in-depth quiz that works like a personal consultation for your hair needs, and from there, the Prose algorithm works its magic to gift you with a curated set of formulas to ensure every day is a good hair day. No detail is left behind, and you are asked a variety of questions spanning your current zip code (yes, the climate is a major factor in your hair's well-being) to the width of your part (for intel into potential hair loss, for example), and you can even go as far as choosing a personal scent from a handful of lush options. 

Not to mention, the brand only uses science-backed, natural ingredients, each one, according to its website, "meticulously sourced and tested" by Prose's in-house chemists to ensure safety, quality, and efficacy. Additionally, Prose is dedicated to globally and sustainably sourced naturals by featuring ingredients ethically harvested "from all corners of the world in concert with trusted local partners," and the brand maintains a very refreshing no-go policy when it comes to popular buzzwords or additives. "Our formulas give you the specific ingredients your hair actually needs," it explains. "Sometimes, that means a more efficient man-made element here or a simple natural there. The magic is in our uniquely personalized combinations, not a single star player. Trust the process—we guarantee you’ll love the results."

Since Courtney and I are now both completely smitten with our Prose routines, we're doing a deep dive into the products we've been using and loving just below—selfies, ratings, and reviews included! If you're looking to join us, just head over here to begin your own Prose consultation. Keep scrolling!

Courtney Higgs, Beauty Editor


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Hair type: 4b, coily (dense but incredibly fine with high porosity)

Top hair needs: Hydration—I need it at every single step of my hair routine.

Priority hair concerns: Length retention, hair strength, breakage, frizz, and scalpcare. My scalp has been drier, more irritated, and flakier than I've ever seen over the last year.

Courtney's Prose Routine

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Erin Jahns, Senior Beauty Editor


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Hair type: 2a (wavy, fine/thin texture)

Top hair needs: When it comes to hair products, I need lightweight formulas that give my hair moisture, are color-safe, help stop and repair breakage or damage, and help breathe some natural body and volume into my hair. Anything too heavy will weigh my fine texture down, and since I invest a lot of money in my lightened strands, everything needs to be color-safe. 

Priority hair concerns: Dryness, breakage, brassiness/discoloration/fading, and lack of volume.

Erin's Prose Routine

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Beauty Director

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