The Only Item Fashion Girls Want Right Now

When the fashion community is "shook" by something, you'll definitely be made aware of it. This general knowledge can typically be attributed to an influx of Instagrams and street style shots of said item for which we are eternally grateful. Curious to know the new It item of the moment? Printed striped sweaters, but not just any printed striped sweaters—rainbow-striped ones. 

Influencers, editors, and celebs alike have been flaunting rainbow-striped sweaters left and right, and we could not be more on board. Yes, sweaters are a seasonal staple, and yes the bright colors can lift the spirits, but at the end of the day, these knitted confections are a sartorial treasure for your personal Instagram, and that's priceless. Go on to shop the printed rainbow sweaters fashion girls are loving this season.