Reminder: What Mandy Moore Wore to the Princess Diaries Premiere in '01

The Princess Diaries debuted 17 years ago this month. Feeling nostalgic? You're not the only one: Mandy Moore took to Instagram to acknowledge the anniversary with a photo of herself and Anne Hathaway at the red carpet premiere. "I guess this film came out just over 17 years ago??" she captioned her photo. "@annehathaway was already a movie star and I showed up to my first premiere in a casual denim suit. Hey, it was 2001!" We're willing to give you a pass on this one, Mandy. 

Anne Hathaway also jumped in on the throwback action with a cute comment: "That's the face I make when I'm trying not to flop sweat on a terrifically famous pop star," she wrote on Moore's Instagram. "So happy for all that you have going on! Let's get together and throw ice cream at each other soon." Scroll down to see the photo in question and revisit our favorite Princess Diaries moments.