24 of the Prettiest Shoes We've Seen This Year

pretty shoes 2019 - liudmila


Courtesy of Liudmila 

Sometimes, you just need to look at some really pretty things, and today, we're going to share with you some of the prettiest shoes we've seen so far this year. Because let's be real, there's no better therapy than retail therapy. While some of the shoes ahead might look a little impractical due to the abundance of crystals, feathers, and laces, they're actually much more wearable than you'd assume. 

Wear any of the statement heels ahead with jeans and a T-shirt, a little black dress, or even a tailored suit, and you're looking at an outfit to remember. Ahead, brace yourself for a dropped jaw and quivering wallet as you shop the prettiest shoes 2019 has to offer including stunners from buzzing shoe brands like Amina Muaddi, Midnight 00, and Attico. 

These in black are also a sight for sore eyes. 

There are truly no words to describe how perfect these shoes are. 

We would have included every shoe from this brand if we could. 

This one's all about that luxurious texture. 

We don't know where to look first. 

The kind of shoe that will make your jeans look 10 times cooler. 

That tiny bow on the back is making our hearts race. 

Another shoe that has us wishing for spring. 

You've likely seen these before, but we're here to remind you of them. 

A Gucci shoe you'll have in your closet for years to come. 

Another shoe that is great in the black version as well. 

This color combination is one for the books. 

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