I Hate "Ugly" Shoes—Here's What I'm Buying Instead

If you have to use the word "chunky" to describe a pair of shoes, I would have to kindly pass on them. While the ugly shoe trend continues to gain steam, I have personally never quite caught onto the idea of wearing something purposely misshapen, exceedingly bulky, or otherwise weirdly designed. I don't love this type of shoes on the rack, but I especially don't like how they look on my feet—I'm  5'10" and shoe size 9.5, so I feel like I'm clopping around in chunky shoes that more-petite girls could pull off more easily. (To be clear, that's just my opinion: Tall girls, go crazy with your platform sneakers if that's your vibe.) 

Luckily, there are plenty of anti-ugly shoes out there if you happen to agree with me. Ready to swap your dad shoes for sleek sneakers, pretty prints, and timeless colors? I love the slim profile of the Nike Cortez Sneakers ($70), for instance, and I own them in three different colors. I love to wear them with blazers to the office and jeans on the weekend. Aquazzura, Bally, and Tabitha Simmons also offer plenty of pretty shoe trends if you're ready to make an investment for 2019 (and you definitely should). Scroll down to shop the pretty shoe trends I'm wearing right now.