New Trends Alert: 7 That Will Give Your Autumn Outfits a Head Start

Whether you're an avid cold-weather dresser or simply can no longer deny the fact that summer has prematurely fizzled, now feels like the perfect time to hone your focus towards the new season and the way in which it'll impact your style. Now, just because we're on the precipice of autumn, don't feel the pressure to start spending frivolously. What I advise doing first is taking stock of the pieces you already own, whether that means scrolling through your favourite outfits from last year on IG or physically going through your wardrobe and reacquainting yourself with your clothes from years gone by. In doing so, you'll rediscover pieces you really do love to wear. You'll also be able to start identifying any gaps in your edit. Maybe it's a pair of elevated trousers that you're lacking or, if you see a palette of neutrals staring back at you, perhaps it's time to introduce a shock of colour. Whatever your shopping desire may be, I've scoured the latest collections to bring you an edit of pieces you can begin wearing now and that will work hard for the next six months and beyond. Cue pre-fall 2023's trends. 

As the term suggests, pre-fall is the identifier of that gap between summer and autumn, perfectly encapsulating the period we currently find ourselves in. Each pre-fall moment brings with it its own set of trends, which are born out of the designer pre-fall collections. These are, as the name suggests, the precursor to designers' mainline autumn/winter offerings and are typically populated with pieces that are easier to wear than some of the extravaganzas that grace the runway. So if you’re looking to get a head start on autumn, this is the ideal place to start.

Below I've outlined seven pre-fall 2023 trends which, yes, feel current, but also have an air of timelessness about them. Instead in so much as one of them and you'll be ahead of the curve for when autumn is in full swing.




Style Notes: Blazers are one of the first pieces I consider when I evaluate my pre-fall looks, as they can pair with just about anything—dresses, skirts, jeans, you name it!—and come in handy for a multitude of forecasts. Although no blazer style is "out" for pre-fall, I would say fitted, hourglass silhouettes, as seen at Stella McCartney, feel especially in for 2023. 

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Style Notes: Small bags can be fun but if you're more practically wired (I know I am), then you too will be pleased to hear that the jumbo tote is here to stay for pre-fall, with Jil Sander's huge carry-alls serving as a season highlight. 

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(Image credit: MAX MARA/IMAXTREE)

Style Notes: If 2023 could be summed up in a colour (with perhaps the exception of pink that is) it would be flame red. Not only did it dominate in the spring/summer collections, it was easily the most predominant colour on the autumn/winter runway. And here, Max Mara shows us exactly how we should be wearing it—with more red!

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(Image credit: COURTESY OF CHANEL)

Style Notes: Trousers are big news for the season ahead (just as they have been every season this year). Now, you may think you already have all the trouser bases covered but if you are looking for timely strides to invest in for 2023, it's got to be a pinstripe pair, the sort seen at Chanel. 

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Style Notes: Silver came back in a big way earlier this year, and it's set to be just as integral to the jewellery collections for autumn, too. For a fresh take, consider snapping up a piece that combines both gold and silver metals, much like the necklaces seen here. 

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6. '90S LACE 


(Image credit: NO.21/IMAXTREE)

Style Notes: Lace always makes an appearance the closer to party season we get, only this season it's about styling it as you would have in the '90s. Look for classic black or beige pieces and offset them with tailoring, basic jersey tops, and lots of light gauzy layers. 

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Style Notes: Shoes present an easy way to tap into the latest trends and if there's one footwear trend that's set to dominate over the next six months, it's bows. From flats to heels, sandals to boots, and even trainers, if there's a shoe in the latest collections, I can guarantee there's a bow nearby. 

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Maxine Eggenberger
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