The Most Popular Zara Items of the Summer

Meet Lauren, Who What Wear's fashion editor and co-founder of The Devils Wear Zara. Lauren is so obsessed with Zara that we started calling her The Zara Scout. Now she's turning the nickname into a franchise so she can regularly share her insider knowledge of the brand, including all her hacks, secrets, and must-haves with you.

Researching which Zara items all of you wear the most? Yeah, I would say that's one of my favorite pastimes. Hopefully, you're not sick of me talking about the Zara-dedicated Instagram (The Devils Wear Zara) my BFF and I run because I'm about to talk even more about it in the coming sentences. Through The Devils Wear Zara, we have created a community that is hyper-engaged, meaning whenever they wear, buy, or even consider buying a new Zara item, they are going to tell us about it. Head to our tagged photos at any given day and you'll see thousands of cute outfits that all contain one Zara item or more.

With that being said, digging through the photos you tag us in makes it easy to see which Zara products are the most popular at any given time. Every season, there are those few standout Zara products everyone has—those satin knot slides, that off-the-shoulder chambray dress, the red knit tank, and so on and so forth. This year, before we dive into summer headfirst, we wanted to take the time to call out the most popular Zara products of summer 2018 before anyone else. Thanks to all of you, we were able to identify the cutest (and most Instagrammable) product on the site right now. No shame if you add every single one to your cart. I know I did.