These Brit Candles Will Always Be Considered God-Tier

I think everyone remembers the first time they purchased a Jo Malone candle. I certainly do. I was 16 and working as a Christmas temp at Topshop. Jo Malone London had recently opened its first (and only) store just around the corner, and I'd walk past it on my way to work. It was easily the most beautiful shop I'd ever seen.

One morning, when I was uncharacteristically early for my shift, I plucked up the courage to finally cross the gilded Jo Malone threshold. Doing my best to look like I belonged, I casually browsed the perfume bottles and candles lined up so neatly across the mahogany cabinetry. After a polite minute, a genuinely lovely shop assistant offered to talk me through the perfumes and how they could be blended together and patiently held the lid off of each candle to allow me a sniff. I was hooked. 


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For the next few weeks, instead of wasting my wages on clothes I didn't really need like I usually would, I saved up my earnings with the intent of treating my mum to a Jo Malone candle for Christmas. When the day came, I decided upon a candle—Pomegranate Noir—which the same shop assistant wrapped up so beautifully. Now, all I had to do was wait. 

To this day, I can still picture the moment my mum opened it; the surprise and delight on her face were more than I anticipated. I knew then just how special a Jo Malone candle was.

Fast-forward 15 years, I've burned through more than my fair share of Jo Malone candles—so much so that my friends always come to me to find out which scents they should try next. If you, too, are in need of some inspiration, I've collated all the intel I have on popular Jo Malone candles, which, if you're a fan like me, is sure to make for an interesting read. 


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When was the first Jo Malone candle created? 

Jo Malone London may have been founded in 1994 by Jo Malone CBE, but the brand's first candle was created over a decade later in 2005. The scent? Pomegranate Noir, which remains a best seller today. 

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How are Jo Malone candles made? 

Although the process is generally quite secretive, my friends at Jo Malone London HQ tell me, "A Jo Malone London candle is steeped in the skilled craftspersonship of no fewer than 16 artisans on Lord Cowdray's British estate. They are hand-blended, hand-finished, and hand-wrapped." 

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What makes a Jo Malone candle so special? 

Aside from its beautiful array of scents, Jo Malone London believes what sets its candles apart from the rest is its wicks. "Waxes are custom blend for a specific scent and then married to the perfect wick, which is why we have over 400 varieties of wicks.

The wick forms the heart of the candle, drawing the liquid up through its core—we're proud of the quality of our wicks, which ensure an even and full burn."

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Which Jo Malone candle has sold out in record time? 

Jo Malone's entire Christmas Roasted Chestnut candle allocation sold out in two weeks in all the stores and online last November. Watch this space to see if it returns for 2021. 

Although the brand does seasonal candles which always prove a hit with its loyal clientele, its most popular candle is Lime, Basil & Mandarin, which Jo Malone London considers to be its signature candle. Another favourite is the Peony & Blush Suede Candle, which Jo Malone London describes as "the perfect floral scent that gives a romantic appeal and opens up with the flirtatious top notes of the red apple and moves into the opulent notes of peony, jasmine, and rose. It's very popular for scenting weddings."

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"Pine & Eucalyptus was limited edition and intended to only be sold for one Christmas, but it was so popular that we now bring it back every Christmas. It’s very nostalgic with our customers and really marks the start of the festive season," the brand says. I can hardly wait for it to come back this winter. 

How much do Jo Malone candles cost?

Jo Malone London's main-line candles come in four sizes: Travel, 60g (£25); Home, 200g (£50); Deluxe, 600g (£130); and Luxury, 2.5kg (£330). Though, some prices vary for special editions and bespoke vessels. For example, its stylish collection of Townhouse candles weigh in at 300g, are housed in ceramic instead of glass, and cost £90. 

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