5 Unexpected Jewelry Trends That Are Blowing Up This Year


@laurenegg; Lito rings

Jewelry trends are one thing, but fine jewelry trends are certainly another. Deciphering what is in and out within that space requires deep investigation as some of even the biggest fine jewelers in the world might not be names you and I are thoroughly familiar with (the Cartiers and Bulgaris aside, of course). Well, just this past month, I headed off to Las Vegas to attend one of the biggest fine jewelry and luxury timepiece trade shows, Couture. Here I met with designers I currently have relationships with as well as ones I learned about for the first time thanks to Couture's Premier Speed Mentoring program I had the honor of participating in during the show. 

After multiple days of meetings, hundreds of photos on my iPhone, and a new appreciation for diamonds and gemstones as an overall industry, I was able to identify some jewelry trends I felt were bubbling and fresh to the scene. Ahead, check out the five popular jewelry trends I spotted at Couture brought to you by the jewelry designers that stood out to me most throughout the trade show. Some will be names you recognize while others will be brand new, but one thing is for sure—your jaw will drop for the next few minutes as you drool over the insane jewels ahead. 

Cocktail Rings


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This year, we are finally taking a step away from delicate jewelry and are embracing chunkier statement jewelry once again. My personal favorite iteration of this trend is the return of cocktail rings. Don't be scared—dive right in and wear multiple at once or even wear one on your pinky for a funky take on the trend. 


@laurenegg; Pomellato bracelets 

Chains are a jewelry trend we've been reporting on for a bit as of late, but after seeing their overwhelming presence at Couture, it became more clear than ever that this notable trend is here for the long haul. 

Statement Timepieces


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Watches in and of themselves are not necessarily a trend, but it's no secret they experienced quite a bit of hype during the whole Michael Kors watch craze a few years ago. Well, the good news is that they are officially a regular part of the arm stack once again. Instead of reporting on the classics you've been seeing your whole life, I'm here to wow you with some insanely stunning timepieces adorned in some of the most stunning jewels accompanied by striking faces and much more. 



@laurenegg; Larisa Lavins rings

Turquoise jewelry is something you might be able to find in your grandmother's jewelry box (if she lets you look, that is). What I love most about this jewelry trend is the versatility of the stone. Whether you want chunky turquoise beads hanging from your neck, a statement turquoise ring, or dainty turquoise-clad huggies, there is bound to be a piece of turquoise jewelry that tickles your fancy. 


@laurenegg; Picciotti necklace

I know there are other, more legit names for such necklaces, but whenever I look at them or try them on, I feel like a princess. Hence, the princess necklace trend. Last year, tennis bracelets began to make moves as yet another heritage jewelry trend returning to the scene, and this year, its stunning necklace counterpart is proving it's here to play as well. As I touched on before, statement jewelry is quickly replacing all the dainty, layerable pieces in the trend world, and this is one of the most glamorous ways to partake.