This Chic Handbag Brand Lets Me Live Out My French-Girl Fantasy

16 French-Girl Handbags From Polene



French-girl fashion has always been an aspiration of mine, but now after binge-watching a full season of a Paris-based show that was full of très chic style, I'm more determined than ever to make it my whole aesthetic. And it seems like fashion girls across the globe have the same goal as me, as we're all flocking to Polène. The extremely cute handbag brand (that was spotted in said show) is a favorite among It girls, celebrities, and editors alike. I swear, every time I open social media on my phone, I see at least one outfit snap styled with one of the designer's stunning purses—top handles, belt bags, totes, you name it. So, if your wardrobe is in need of a little french-girl spruce, you're going to want to keep scrolling.

Shop the bags I've seen on fashion girls:

Photos courtesy of @jodielapetitefrenchie, @veronzee, @louisegrdd, @tlnique, @melisekrem, @natalieoffduty, @livia_auer, and @juliesfi (from left to right).

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