I Asked a Podiatrist Which Spring Shoe Trends Are Good for Your Feet—These Won


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There are probably certain criteria a pair of shoes must meet in order to make it in your shopping cart. Of course, the silhouette must align with your personal style and be trend-forward for the season. But equally important is the level of comfort. After all, a pair of shoes that pinches and gives you blisters may not always be a solid investment. If you’re currently in the market for a fresh pair of spring shoes, I thought I’d provide you an edit of top-notch styles that are not only cute but comfy as well. As in, they’re podiatrist-approved.

That’s right—I turned to Benjamin Tehrani, DPM, of Kings Point Foot & Ankle in Los Angeles, who is the creator of Nerve Assist (vitamins that I actually use to help with nerve pain). He weighed in on the shoe trends that are worth it because they won’t necessarily cause too much harm to your overall foot health. Of course, one of the top sneaker trends reigned supreme, but there are some sandal picks that were front-runners too. With all that in mind, keep scrolling for some of the best spring and summer shoe styles to consider right now, complete with visual and shopping inspiration.

Slide Sandals


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"Some slides like those by Sam Edelman are supportive and provide a high quality in their craft. I also love slides made by Hoka, which are light, supportive, breathable, and have a heel-drop, which feels unusual at first, but the heel-drop actually relieves your calves. I always try to wear these in the morning after my Peloton bike rides, and they have yet to disappoint." — Tehrani

Retro Sneakers


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"It all depends on the type of sneaker. I'd say the New Balance retro sneakers are the most supportive while also being trendy. Air Jordans are also comfortable and supportive shoes." — Tehrani

Cushioned Flip-Flops


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"So not all flip-flops are created equal. Cushioned flip-flops such as those made by Vionic have a built-in orthotic, and this reduces stress on your feet, ankles, and knees and provides the best shock absorption. I do all of my work around my home in Vionic because it feels just like I'm wearing shoes. I recently bought a pair of Fitflops, which are a hot trend right now. This features Microwobbleboard in the midsole, which provides shock absorption and instantly diffuses the pressure under the foot. Wobbleboard technology has three areas of different support in the insert, with the heel being firm for shock absorption, soft cushion in the forefoot for added comfort, and medium support at the toe box to help you push off. They even have flip-flops with memory foam, which doesn't necessarily provide long hours of support but is very comfortable to wear for a few hours at a time." — Tehrani

Sandals With an Ankle Strap


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"Strappy sandals are nice because the strap helps hold our ankle and rearfoot in place, and this acts like a seatbelt which helps prevent the ankle from instability. When you're wearing the strap, the farther back the strap, the greater the ankle support. This is also beneficial to help prevent severe ankle sprains." — Tehrani

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