I'm a Plus-Size Fashion Editor—31 Pieces I'm Loving Right Now

I’m a fashion editor who window-shops obsessively *for fun,* and I also happen to be plus-size. I enjoy developing my personal style and throwing together fun yet chic plus-size outfits just as much as the next fashion person, but the fat-fashion-lover struggle is a particular one. All plus-size folks know how demoralizing it feels to see a beautiful garment on a straight-size pal and fight to find something just as cute in larger sizes. The search feels hopeless at times, but I’m here to make it a little bit easier by clueing you in on cool plus-size-friendly retailers with chic clothing finds from across the internet.

Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe or completely overhaul your closet, I’ve selected pieces for every kind of shopping need. Ahead, shop an array of goods across every category you can think of, even including a shoe recommendation or two. From reliable jeans and unique outerwear pieces to black-tie-appropriate dresses, the selection below has a plus-size-friendly piece that’s bound to catch your eye.



This is comfiest dress you'll probably ever wear. 

I already own these, and I love the rigid feel and ACTUAL oversize fit. 

A classic knee-high boot that accommodates varying width sizes. 

A new brand on the plus-size fashion block with beautiful elegant dresses like this one here. 

I'm loving all the double-denim looks. Wear this with your favorite jeans or snag a pair from this list. 

Add this puffer to your necessary neutrals. 

A going-out dress with lovely ruching and a tie slip. 

I'm loving chocolaty browns this winter. 

A faux-leather corset that looks expensive. 

I've never seen a maxi windbreaker. Have you?

You can never have enough staple pieces.  

Who said indie fashion has to be expensive?

Pair with tights and knee-high boots for a cute casual date-night look. 

If you're trying to be the best dressed at Pilates, here you go.