Trend Alert: This Is Summer's Must-Have Accessory

Whatever we wear on any given day, nothing shows off our personal style quite like our accessories du jour—so when we noticed pinky rings creeping up all over our Instagram feeds, we didn’t take the hint lightly. Rather, we began circulating screenshots around the office and discussing the merits of a little finger bling. David Yurman has been one step ahead of this must-have summer trend, with a collection set to satisfy a myriad of style preferences (meaning pinky rings are well on their way to staple status). Maximalists, classic dressers, and trendsetters—here are our top pinky ring picks to match your look.


Generally err on the side of “more is more” when getting dressed in the morning? We applaud your aptitude for choosing the brighter, more colorful things in life. Subtlety? Not your thing, so don’t hold back with even the smallest accessories (like your pinky ring). An extra pop of color will complement the bold looks you’re rocking this summer and beyond.


If you take a look around your closet and see rows of quality denim, structured blazers, and cotton button-downs, classic dressing is probably more your thing. You’re the kind of woman who always looks put together (even on her off days) and has a capsule wardrobe at the ready at all times. For an accessory as timeless as your style, go for a simple gold or silver pinky ring, or one with your initials on it—a special monogrammed piece never goes out of style.


We all have that one friend who started wearing “dad” sneakers and belt bags before we were convinced they were cool. Sound like you? Staying one step ahead of trends is kind of your thing—you can’t help it, and we wouldn’t want you to. In fact, chances are you already own a pinky ring, so here are a couple additional styles to add to your collection. Embrace your ahead-of-the-game sensibilities by wearing a pinky ring with a fun logo (side note: evil eyes are trending right now) to show your unique personality.

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