5 Fun Facts About the Dreamiest Movie Costumes of Award Season

One of the most exciting parts of watching a movie, for us at least, is the unveiling of the film's costumes, especially when fashion is at the center of the plot. Such is the case with writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson's latest period drama, Phantom Thread, which is in select theaters now.

The film, set in the glamour of a 1950s post-war London, follows renowned dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock (portrayed by Daniel Day-Lewis, who received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor) as he masterfully designs couture gowns for London's elite society. Per Focus Features, Woodcock eventually finds his "perfectly tailored life disrupted by love" when he meets a young woman named Alma Elson (portrayed by Vicky Krieps), who quickly becomes his muse and lover.

But back to the enchanting haute couture costumes of Phantom Thread, which were brought to life by Academy Award–winning costume designer Mark Bridges. Over 50 original wardrobe pieces were created for the film alone, but what's even more impressive is that the outfits, which are mostly handmade, were created in less than a six-month period. (Wow!) Now, remember this little fun fact when you see the sumptuous gowns on the big screen.

Below, watch a clip of costume designer Mark Bridges share some more fun facts about the processes that went into designing the beautiful costumes for the film.