15 Affordable White T-Shirts We Love and Why

Photo: Style du monde.

It’s safe to say the white T-shirt is iconic in its own right. From James Dean to Kate Moss, there hasn’t been a style icon to date who hasn’t incorporated a white T-shirt into their wardrobe. No matter your personal style or aesthetic, a white T-shirt simply goes with everything and can help pull together an outfit with casual ease. From the weekend to the workweek, a great white tee will seamlessly transition through the seasons with the help of a chunky cardigan or lightweight jacket. And yet, despite all of this––a good one can be hard to find. There are fit and quality to contend with, among personal preferences like cut, neckline, or level of transparency you’re comfortable with. Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite crewneck, cropped, and V-neck t-shirts under $150. Consider this our ode to the white T-shirt.

Photo: Illustration by Nicole Cha
Photo: Illustration by Nicole Cha
Photo: Illustration by Nicole Cha.

Treat yourself to a crisp new white T-shirt today.