My Job Revolves Around Sleep, But I'm Still a Morning Person—Here's How

What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed in the morning? A well-rounded morning routine sets the tone for the day and gets you prepped—both mentally and physically—before diving into a packed schedule filled with emails, chores, happy hours, workouts, and more. Our series Morning Person profiles those who have mastered the art of the morning routine. Tune in every Monday morning here and on our Instagram to learn exactly how the pros get it all done before the sun comes up, from their go-to breakfasts to their a.m. workouts.


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There's simply one place that I look forward to going each and every day. It isn't happy hour, nor is it my evening Pilates class (some days that sounds more enticing than others)—no, it's the cozy, comfy room I call my own, filled with pictures of family and friends, the blanket my mom crocheted for me when I was a kid, and, of course, my bed.

This month's #MyNextThirty theme is all about creating a space that makes you feel happy and healthy, and I can certainly tell you that enjoying the place I come home to makes all the difference in my mood. Not that I'm alone in this: Ariel Kaye created an entire business model, Parachute Home, surrounding the idea that you deserve a home that's both comfortable and attainable. Basically, she understands how good your room (and your sleep!) is for you.

Considering the fact that she's created some of the dreamiest bedroom essentials (like eco-friendly mattresses and organic bedding) on the market, we were shocked to learn that she's somehow able to peel herself away from her own sleep haven each and every morning at 6 and complete her a.m. rituals all before the clock strikes 9. Keep reading for some of her favorite morning rituals.


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6 a.m.

"I'm up after hearing my 8-month-old daughter, Lou, stirring in her crib. I hop out of bed to check on her and say good morning. This age is so fun! She's very animated, alert, and showing off her personality."

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6:15 a.m.

"I set aside time every day to meditate, as it helps to reduce stress and provide more clarity. I sit in bed for 20 minutes to calm my mind and center myself for the day ahead. I started this practice more than a year ago, and it's made a huge difference in how I approach life and manage tense situations. I highly recommend it!"

6:35 a.m.

"Mornings are very precious with Lou and an opportunity to spend quality time with her. We nurse and play, and I love watching her crawl. Her new favorite thing is to look at herself in the mirror. I can't get enough of the faces and little noises she makes!"

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7 a.m.

"I like to work out first thing in the morning. Physical activity fuels me more than coffee and gets my creativity flowing. I like to mix up my workouts and try anything from strength training to yoga to long walks or hikes with my dog."

8:30 a.m.

"Making time for breakfast is something I'm focusing on more. Lately, I've been eating oatmeal with almond milk. It's always a warm, satisfying meal—plus, it keeps me full until lunch. I try to stay away from coffee, but on mornings where I need a little something extra, I opt for an Americano with no milk or sugar."

9 a.m.

"I arrive at the office to lead the Parachute team. No two days are the same, and that hustle keeps me motivated. On any given day, you can find me reading and responding to emails, meeting with various teams, reviewing new products, discussing upcoming retail locations, and managing our investors. Today I have a full day of meetings, including a companywide presentation of our new holiday assortment!"

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