I'm 26, and My Mom Is 58—We Both Ran to Buy These 35 Nordstrom Sale Finds

I shop at Nordstrom like it's my job, and in some ways, it actually is. For as long as I can remember, Nordstrom has been my go-to—first for Ugg boots and 7 for All Mankind jeans and now for, well, everything from Prada loafers to 501s. But like most things that were engrained into my personality at a young age, I'm not the one to blame for my borderline unhealthy affinity for the retailer. My mom played a role, too, a big one. 

Just like me, my mom is a Nordstrom lover, so when a Nordy sale came around, I knew we'd both end up shopping it to no end. And this time, maybe for the first time ever, we wanted almost the exact same things. My mom and I were 100% on the same page about the 35 finds ahead from Nordstrom, from everyday cashmere sweaters and classic jeans to '90s-inspired suede boots and pretty slip dresses. Keep scrolling to shop them all. 

Our favorites from Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale: 

My reasoning: "Levi's have been around forever, and for good reason. They fit everyone perfectly, and they only get better with age. The fact that these are only $65 is just icing on the cake."

Her reasoning: "I wear white T-shirts practically every day, so whenever there is a sale, I always restock. I love the cropped sleeves on this one from AllSaints as well as its more fitted silhouette."

Her reasoning: "An easy cardigan that goes with everything in your wardrobe is essential. And what better time to buy one than during a huge sale?" 

Her reasoning: "I've had my eye on this Vince slip skirt for years but always held off. Now that it's nearly $100 off, however, I'm reconsidering my hesitation. I love the color as well as the overall versatility of a skirt like this one. No matter the season, it's easy to style."

My reasoning: "My search for the right kitten-heel slingback pumps has been a long and arduous one, but I think these just might be the ones I've been looking for. I love the brown leather and the shapely heel, which will make them more comfortable than a majority of the styles I've seen."

My reasoning: "It was my mom who first got me hooked on Hanky Panky's thongs. Since then, I've tested out countless brands and styles, and I swear none even come close." 

My reasoning: "I have so many pairs of black sunglasses that I can hardly keep them all straight. These from Saint Laurent are just what my collection needs to switch things up a little bit." 

Her reasoning: "I haven't wanted a pair of leather pants in a long time, but I love the high rise on these as well as the kick-flare leg, which looks good on me since I'm on the shorter side. I wouldn't buy them in my exact size, but I would size up so they're a little bit slouchy." 

Her reasoning: "Midi skirts make getting dressed so easy. Throw on a T-shirt or sweater and some sandals or boots and you're all set."

My reasoning: "Wearing this bra is like not wearing a bra in all the best ways, but there's added support and smoothing." 

My reasoning: "In my opinion, tortoiseshell sunglasses are just as essential as black ones. Plus, this style by Ray-Ban is timeless." 

Her reasoning: "As a Pilates instructor, I wear workout clothes constantly, and Zellas are among the best I've ever bought."

Shop the matching Restore Soft Pocket Leggings ($46).

My reasoning: "I used to work at AllSaints, and the rate at which people bought the brand's leather jackets, particularly the Balfern style, was impressive, especially given the price. They rarely go on sale, so now that they are, I am absolutely taking advantage."

Her reasoning: "I leave sweaters all over my house just in case I want one at a moment's notice, so when I find one I like, I often go for it."

My reasoning: "If I didn't know better, I'd think this knit was easily $600+, so to find out that it's on sale for $215 only made me want to buy it more." 

My reasoning: "I wear slip dresses at least once a week all year long, so of course, when I find one from a trusted source like Vince on sale, I can't resist." 

My reasoning: "A simple pair of gold hoops is absolutely essential. There's no changing my mind." 

Her reasoning: "Nothing looks as luxe as a pair of suede boots for fall, which is the season I'm shopping for right now." 

Her reasoning: "I don't care much about denim trends and tend to stick with the cuts that work best with my body. I adore flared jeans, especially when they have a really flattering rise like this pair." 

Her reasoning: "This is one of my favorite colors for fall. It's beyond rich and luxurious." 

Her reasoning: "Simple and timeless, this coat feels like just the right kind of investment to make during sale season." 

My reasoning: "Come fall, baby pink is going to be *the* color in fashion. And if I can get ahead of the trend at a discounted price, you bet I'm going to do so."

My reasoning: "I'd argue that there's no wardrobe item more necessary than a crisp white button-down shirt in the summertime."

Her reasoning: "My daughter's been telling me all about this fall's upcoming bomber-jacket trend, so when I saw that this one was on sale, I immediately added it to my list." 

Her reasoning: "I can't remember the last time I actually wanted to buy a denim jacket, but this style feels so different from all of the ones I've seen before." 

Her reasoning: "I need a handbag with space for my things, period. This one checks off that box and looks good while doing so." 

My reasoning: "I have something of an obsession with trench coats, and while I already own one too many of them, this one feels just different enough that I need it."

Her reasoning: "My favorite thing about this dress is how versatile it is. I could wear it with boots and a long wool coat in the winter or with flat sandals or comfy sneakers in the summer." 

Her reasoning: "I can already tell that I'll reach for this jacket constantly come fall."

My reasoning: "My mom was the one who inspired me to start wearing a watch every day, and now, I'll never go back to not wearing one. Though I have a Cartier Tank that I wear most often, I like the idea of owning a slightly less valuable alternative that's still chic and elegant that I can swap in." 

Her reasoning: "I'll never say no to an easy blouse." 

My reasoning: "I cannot sleep in anything loose or else I'll be tossing and turning all night. Because of that, I love super-comfy bralettes like this one to sleep in."

My reasoning: "I own these in black and absolutely adore them, both from an aesthetic perspective and a practical one." 

My reasoning: "This faux-leather trench looks far more expensive than it is. Plus, it's water-resistant."