We Asked 3 Insiders for Their Foolproof Wedding-Guest Outfits

Recently I’ve been getting texts from my sister with dress ideas for a wedding she’s going to next month. She sent a range of options, from a tiered dress with a celestial print to an inky satin gown, and her texts were punctuated with question marks and emoji, wondering if the dresses would fit the bill for her friends’ nuptials. I’ve sent her many of the same texts over the last few years trying to pinpoint the perfect outfit to wear for the weddings of friends and family members, and I admit it can be a challenge to find something worthy of the occasion. (Perhaps it’s the pressure of knowing you’ll be in someone’s photos forever, or maybe it’s the the novelty of having an excuse to get dressed up.) Curious to know what fashion insiders wear when attending a wedding, I asked a few stylish women to share their go-to outfits.