I Struggle With Stepping Out of My Style Comfort Zone, But I Love These 6 Looks

I am a huge proponent of uniform dressing. My day-to-day looks are mainly comprised of a neutral palette and feature some sort of oversize shirt, a knit, a jacket, and joggers or jeans. In fact, my favorite outfit happens to be a black relaxed blazer, a tee, cropped skinny jeans, and slides or sneakers. Given my adoration for these types of looks, I often struggle with stepping out of my style comfort zone to try new outfit trends. That said, after scrolling through my Saved folder on Instagram, I did want to call out a few specific ensembles that just may entice me to try something different.

Below, you'll find six transitional outfit ideas that I'm very much looking to either test out myself or recommend to others. Each look is unique and forward, and each still features some of those simple and easy pieces I love. I'm particularly into the ensemble with a coordinating shirt and shorts.

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The best fall outfits for women



Saturated hues will be a huge trend come fall. While I rarely wear colors like this, I'm interested in testing out a bold knit with trousers.

This is one of my favorite silhouettes of the moment, including an oversize shirt, a white tank or tee, and either pants or jeans.

The best outfit trends



I actually just purchased this coordinating shirt-and-shorts set, and I am eager to test it out before it gets too chilly outside. I'll personally be styling mine with tube socks and sneakers.

The best blazer outfits for women



This specific look is pretty in line with what I typically wear. The only difference is I often go for a black blazer. That said, I'm feeling this tank pick.

I'm definitely going to consider wearing one of my oversize shirts with blue jeans this fall (a big departure from my go-to black skinny jeans). 

The best fall outfit trends



When I need to look a tad more polished, I'm going to turn to a neutral suit with a graphic tee to keep it modern and low-key.