I'm in My 60s, and These Are the 3 Things I'm Retiring Before 2021


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Susan Feldman is the co-founder of One Kings Lane and In the Groove, a style destination where she shares her age-defying outfits and shopping tips. Feldman is also our resident style expert here at Who What Wear, and she’s shared everything from the seasonal staples she's living in to the style mistakes she won't repeat. Today, we’ve tapped her to discuss the trends she will and won't be wearing in 2021.

I think we can all agree that we will be happy to say goodbye to 2020. I mean what a bonkers year this has been for all. I thought as I bid adieu to 2020 it was the perfect time to get rid of things that don’t really serve a purpose any longer in my wardrobe. It feels great to have done some serious purging. I feel like I have shed some excess baggage and am ready to start 2021 with a fresh focused sensibility.

I hope this next year brings all of you tons of health and happiness. I would encourage you while you have the time to get in your closet and get rid of those things that no longer bring you joy. As for what I'll personally be retiring from my closet, I'm explaining why the following three items are getting the boot and, of course, what's replacing them. Keep reading to get inspired by closet refresh. Here's to a bright New Year!


(Image credit: Susan Feldman)

Retiring: Stilettos

You may have guessed that this would be first on the list. This year has convinced me that although I definitely need a few key heels in my wardrobe I no longer need anything that resembles a stiletto.

The heels I'll keep:

Leaning Into: Ballet Flats

Today comfort is my number requirement for anything I am wearing especially shoes. I have been living in Birkenstocks which I still love but feel that I need to find other options. Ballet slippers are my answer. So watch me dance into 2021.

My ballet flat picks:

Retiring: Skinny Jeans

Next up are my skinny really skinny jeans. Some of them could even be considered jeggings. I definitely got my worth out of this look and today I find these types of jeans feel a little dated. The truth is if I am going to wear this look I much prefer a real legging.

The pair I'll keep:


(Image credit: Susan Feldman)

Leaning Into: Vintage (and Vintage-Inspired) Jeans

I don’t mean to dwell on the comfy factor but it is the number one criteria for anything these days. There is nothing I love more than a great pair of broken-in jeans. The best news is that today you can buy jeans already broken in and don’t have to wear them to get them to the perfect place.

My vintage jean picks:

Retiring: Oversize Bags

Forever I loved and coveted big really big bags especially ones by designers. When I was traveling and on the go these were great because I could get everything in them. Today I am not going anywhere and the only thing I might put in one of these bags is Ruby our Covid puppy. These bags served me well but now it is time to say au revoir and find bags that are more functional.

The bag I'll keep:

Leaning Into: Hands-Free Bags

My new go-to bag is what I used to call a fanny pack. It is a very 90s term. Today we call them belt bags. I started using these at the beginning of Covid and I don’t think I will stop. I have found chic designer ones that go with everything and can really up your look to those that are very affordable and great for every day.

My bag picks:

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