I'm in My 60s, and These Are the Under-$100 Gifts on My Wish List

gift ideas under $100


Susan Feldman

Susan Feldman is the co-founder of One Kings Lane and In the Groove, a style destination where she shares her age-defying outfits and shopping tips. Feldman is also our resident style expert here at Who What Wear, and she’s shared everything from the seasonal staples she's living in to the style mistakes she won't repeat. Today, we’ve tapped her to discuss the fall staples—three items she's wearing on repeat, to be specific.

What a year, huh? 2020 feels like it’s been dragging on forever, but still somehow passed in the blink of an eye. Everything’s just been so different. While it’s been hard for everyone, there have been a few silver linings. I’m hoping the holidays will be one of them. What I really would love to give for the holidays the most seems to be the most unattainable, like a unified country or the end of the pandemic. Although this is out of our control we can all try to do our part like wear masks. I have found some fun ones that will help create a festive moment. And I want to try to bring a little joy to those near and dear.

I have put together a list of fun things that are all under $100. These things hopefully will make things a little more comfy and cozy and put some sparkle and bling in all of our lives. Oh, and a number of gifts will keep you safer. There never has been a holiday where it feels more important to spread the love. And if you can find something fun for under $100 well then I say why not and the more the merrier.  So here’s to a happy and healthy holiday for us all.

A reminder to put on a happy face.

I’ve been hands-free since COVID, so I love this transit bag. It’s roomy and the perfect neutral color. 

It feels like there’s an emergency around every corner these days, and this mini kit makes sure that I’m prepared. 

A little red always helps lift one’s spirits. Plus this is the perfect sweater for high-waisted pants or a pair of sweats.

In the winter, a perfect puffer can make your whole outfit. You can dress this one up or down.

It’s the year of lounging, and at least in these cute heart PJs I’ll look good doing it. 

I wish I was quarantining with Ina, but her new cookbook is the next best thing. 

Another great clean beauty addition to my routine. I love a colored lip, even with just jeans and a T-shirt. 

No one has ever complained when they got a new candle. This Le Labo one is a cult-favorite for a reason.

I’ve been into pearls lately, and these are the perfect balance of timeless and trendy. 

A super-stylish way to stay safe this season.

The new statement accessory, since I’m not going to a gym anytime soon. 

I love my AirPods, but I hate how often I lose them. A personalized case that I can connect to my keys is the perfect solution.

There’s nothing better than the rush of getting creative. I love that I’ll have a place to write down all my thoughts and ideas. 

How fun is this watch? And you know what they say about Time: they just keep on ticking.

Kimonos are one of those versatile pieces that work with everything. This knit leopard one will be on heavy rotation. 

I haven’t completely switched to clean beauty products yet, but I’m trying to where I can. This perfume smells amazing, and the no nasty chemicals are a bonus. 

Who doesn't want a little bling in their life? This chunky bracelet delivers big time.

Another great take on pearls, and one that will look fab on screen in a Zoom meeting.

I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, but this hat is a nice finishing touch.

Maybe the Ouija board will have some answers about 2021.

Hopefully, everyone is wearing a mask. But I’m switching mine out for this confetti one, which is a little more seasonally appropriate.

A puzzle is a great way to get everyone involved in an activity that doesn’t revolve around a screen. This one of the Earth is big enough to take a while, but not too intimidating.

I love anything with a monogram. These note pads will look great sitting out on any desk and make writing to-do lists a lot more fun.