The 3 Shoe Styles I'm (Finally) Ready to Get Rid Of

In case you haven't heard, lately, I've been in a bit of a wardrobe-cleanout mood. It all started earlier this month with my (beloved) denim drawer, and after realizing how good it feels to let go, now it's time to shift the focus onto my many pairs of shoes. After all, aside from my winter coats, the two categories take up the most real estate in my limited NYC closet by a landslide. Plus, with fall on the horizon, there's no better time to declutter and, of course, make space for some new purchases. So if you're curious to know which shoe styles am I finally ready to get rid of—and by "get rid of," I mean sell or donate—just keep scrolling. Along the way, you can read about what I'll be wearing instead and why, plus shop my fall-ready shoe picks. 

Getting Rid Of: Sock Boots
Wearing Instead: Statement Boots

Don't tell Kanye, but the Yeezy-inspired, super-tight and minimalist sock boots of several seasons ago are officially of no use to me anymore. Don't get me wrong; I'm still obsessed with boots, but instead of stretchy sock styles, I'll be wearing one of the many statement versions that are trending for the season ahead. Think snake, embellished, lace-up, and more, with subtle details like embossing and square toes making the cut as well.

Getting Rid Of: Chunky Dad Sneakers
Wearing Instead: Sporty Sneakers

While they had a great run (see what I did there?), I think I'm finally over the several pairs of chunky, dad-inspired fashion sneakers that accumulated in my closet over the past two or three years. Now, I'm all about sporty and technical-looking sneakers, or even those with a little retro vibe, with Nike leading the pack unsurprisingly. Aside from how they look, I love how I can actually wear the same shoes to the gym as I would just to look cool on the weekend. 

Getting Rid Of: Wedges
Wearing Instead: Mules, Sandals, & Slingbacks  

That's right. I'll pretty much wear any heel trend aside from wedges at this point. I know they had a comeback this summer, but I just never really got back into them—especially when there are so many other options that provide some comfort while still looking cool. So, specifically, I'll be wearing mules, strappy sandals, and slingbacks for fall, with a wider heel whenever possible for that extra pressure relief that wedges are known for.

Shop mules, sandals, & slingbacks:
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