You're Done: 7 Fall Trends I'm Low-Key Over and What I'm Buying Instead


There's no beating around the bush: Fall is the best season for fashion, point-blank. Although the fun-loving colors and quirky accessories of summer tend to get all the hype, nothing comes close to the style potential in the fall with all the endless opportunities for layering and showcasing great outerwear pieces. As such, the trends of the fall tend to be my favorite batch of the whole year, so now that we're entering the season for real, I'm examining my fall wardrobe and doing a good bit of editing.

Over the last few years, I've tried my hand at a fair share of trends, so my lineup of boots, sweaters, and jackets is currently a mishmash of clashing aesthetics, a lot of which no longer align with where my personal style is at. Not only has this made it harder to get dressed during the cooler season, but it's also maxed out my closet space and made it that much trickier to squeeze in any new buys. With that, I sat down for a much-needed assessment and, after taking stock of my fall pieces, decided to remove seven outdated fall fashion trends that no longer feel fresh. Items like shrunken cardigans and leather blazers that I hoarded for years are getting the boot while I set my sights on a few 2023 updates that will make all my fall 'fits feel more aligned with where my style is at today.

Keep reading to see which staples I'm cutting out for good and which I'll rely on to get me through the next few months. 


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First things first, my sweaters could definitely use a refresh. I've never been much of a cardigan girl, so I'm fully ready to part with my cropped cardigans since they always felt a bit too sweet for my personal style. As someone who lives for the classics, I'm excited about the refocus that Prada's fall runway is putting on classic crew-neck sweaters, and I'll be styling one with everything from denim to voluminous skirts.


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Have you heard? It's going to be a flat-shoe fall, and leading the movement are none other than Mary Jane flats, ranging in every iteration from sweet satin to subdued leather. I'm already finding myself reaching for them with jeans, skirts, and dresses, so I can attest to their versatility. With only so much space to house my growing shoe collection, I'm retiring flat mules that no longer feel like the freshest option to me.


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The skirts are skirting right now, and full-volume A-line styles are without a doubt the key silhouette of the season. I've been tapping into the look all year, but nonetheless, I'm excited to double down for fall with fresh styling ideas. Pleated miniskirts were fun to try, but they don't feel as sophisticated anymore now that these midi styles are in the mix.


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No joke, my coat closet is so overfull that my hangers are breaking from the weight of all the leather they're struggling to support. What can I say? I love a good leather jacket, but practically speaking, I can't own that many of them. I'm editing out leather blazers, as I haven't reached for the style in over a year, all so I can make room for distressed styles that have a cool vintage appeal.


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Recently, I tried on a pair of ultra-high-rise jeans from the back of my closet. It hurt to sit down. I love the classic look of this style but genuinely can't remember how I ever wore them as frequently as I used to. All I've been interested in denim-wise lately is anything relaxed and low-slung. I get that low rises are controversial, so whether this is good or bad news to you, one thing is clear: This fall, low-rise jeans are decidedly easier to wear with roomier and relaxed fits that offset their midriff-baring waistlines.


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When it comes to boots, you can pretty much always rely on a tough pair rearing its head for fall. In seasons past, that meant a pair of chunky Chelsea boots, but in 2023, they're giving way to the new era of the moto boot complete with all manner of buckles, grommets, and studs. Miu Miu's the goal here, so I'm taking note of its popular style and shopping accordingly.


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Khaite's assortment of moody snakeskin-print pieces has me craving a bit of edge in my fall wardrobe, and a touch of the animal print, whether via a top or a cool leather jacket, is just what the doctor ordered. While a single snakeskin-print piece makes a striking statement, it's surprisingly easy to style with just about any neutral you already own. That being said, the aesthetic direction I'm heading this fall is more edgy than academic, so I'm saying goodbye to traditional fall prints like tartans and plaids. 

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