The Pretty Spring Dress Trends We're Into (and 6 We're Giving Up)

When it comes to the list of spring purchases, a pretty dress ranks pretty high. You know the style: one that’s chic with an of-the-moment silhouette, but also incredibly easy to toss on with a few accessories for a foolproof outfit. While there are plenty of timeless cuts out there, there are a few fresh spring dress trends we’re especially into this season. Alternatively, there are also a smattering in our wardrobes that we may consider storing away (for now) in favor of some fresh new styles.

To dive in further, we rounded up the top editor-approved dress styles we’re excited about for the season ahead, while also highlighting the picks we're not as into (all based on personal preference, of course). Keep scrolling for a bit of spring dress inspiration. 

Into: Ruched Dresses
Not as Into: Basic Floral Dresses

While I have plenty of floral dresses in my closet, I've been interested in adding more unique pieces to my closet. I'm always drawn to sculptural silhouettes, so the beautiful ruched dresses that are everywhere for spring have especially caught my eye.



Into: Printed Mesh Dresses
Not as Into: Shirt Dresses

"I won't lie, shirt dresses have always felt a tad boring to me, so even though they're trending this spring, I'll be skipping over them in favor of these printed mesh numbers. They feel straight out of the '90s with graphic screenprints and ruching details and, even better, they're ultra-comfortable. Catch me styling them with shoulder bags and tall boots."

Into: Ribbed Dresses
Not as Into: Puffy Dresses

"I'm all for airy and puffy dresses on certain occasions, but since I'm 5'3 they can swallow me up sometimes. I still love them, but I much prefer ribbed dresses as they suit my frame better and can be worn in a couple of different ways."



Into: Dresses with Bust Details
Not as Into: Bodycon Dresses

"I know that bodycon dresses are kind of back and they look very chic on some people, but they just don't suit me, so I'll be skipping those. What I am drawn to for spring is romantic dresses with some sort of bust detail. Blame Bridgerton."



Into: Cutout Dresses
Not as Into: Bubble Dresses

"Any one of my fellow editors can attest that I'm rarely in pants—dresses are by far my favorite wardrobe staple. But while I consider myself a dress aficionado, I was not here for and won't be jumping on the bubble dress trend we saw in F/W 20 runway presentations; however, I am giddy for the open back and cutout dress iterations we've seen bubbling up for spring. It's not only more universally flattering, but it's just down-right sultry."



Into: Midi Dresses With Sweetheart Necklines
Not as Into: Minidresses

"If you think I'm going to wear little mini dresses after getting very comfortable not shaving my legs during COVID, then you have another thing coming. Instead, I'm going to stick to midi dresses with sweetheart necklines to add some interest."


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