The Pretty Spring Dress Trends We're Into (and 6 We're Giving Up)

The Pretty Spring Dress Trends We're Wearing (and 6 We're Giving Up)


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When it comes to the list of spring and summer purchases, a pretty dress ranks pretty high. You know the style: one that’s chic with an of-the-moment silhouette, but also incredibly easy to toss on with a few accessories for an A-plus outfit. While there are a few timeless cuts out there (ahem, black midi dresses), there are a few fresh spring-dress trends we’re especially into this season. Alternatively, there are also a smattering in our wardrobes that we may consider storing away (for now) in favor of said new styles.

To showcase further, we rounded up the top dress styles we’re excited about, while also highlighting the picks we're not as into (all based on personal preference, of course). Keep scrolling for a bit of spring dress inspiration. 

Into: Dresses With Lingerie-Like Details
Not as Into: Standard Floral-Print Dresses

"I don't care that 'Hot Girl Summer' was last year's anthem. I'm taking it into 2020 with a decidedly hot-dress trend. I'm talking about dresses that feature lingerie-like details. Think corset dresses, dresses with garters, and exposed bra details. As for the dress below, make sure to check out how it looks on our senior fashion editor Lauren Eggertsen because these e-commerce images don't show off the faux-boning seaming, aka the best part. Also, there are amazing floral prints out there, but I'm skipping the more standard floral-printed dresses this season. On me at least, they often end up looking a bit frillier than I like." 

"This spring I'm skipping cap-sleeve dresses, a silhouette that may be bubbling up but doesn't always work for me. Instead, I'm investing in leather or vegan-leather pieces right now and just ordered this wrap dress from Nanushka."

Into: Billowy Dresses
Not as Into: Body-Con Minidresses

"I'm really into the long, loose, and billowy dress silhouettes out there right now, the ones that hang loose from collarbone to calf with no restrictions. They're so comfortable and effortless. I'll be wearing them with sneakers and flat sandals in place of tight body-con minidresses this season."

Into: Baby-Doll Dresses
Not as Into: Ribbed-Knit Tank Dresses

"While it's a little bit outside my typical wheelhouse, I'm really keen on trying those tiered baby doll–style dresses à la Cecilie Bahnsen and plan to pair them with a lug-sole boot or Oxford as I've seen so many fashion girls do right now. Since I'm not normally a dress kind of girl, there are a number of styles I naturally steer clear of, but I'd say I'm definitely giving up those longer ribbed-knit tank dresses I used to own so many versions of."

"While floral dresses will always be relevant in spring, this season I'm trading those in for more sleek and tailored options."

Into: Cutout Dresses
Not as Into: Knit Maxi Dresses

"I've seen so many pretty cutout dresses on the market lately and I'm dying to own at least one. Based on how popular they were on the F/W 20 runways, I think they're a trend that has legs. On the flip side, the spring trend I'm skipping is the maxi knit dress."

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