I Asked 7 Fashion Insiders What Accessories They're Over—They Said These

If you're anything like me, you tend to hoard accessories, sliding them into far too small spaces in your closet before eventually letting them take over your entire apartment—and no, I'm not being dramatic. In my apartment, there are bags on every doorknob, stacked shoe boxes acting as tables, and jewelry in countless bowls and glasses. But since it's finally started to feel like spring in NYC, I've decided that I can't reasonably live like this anymore. Something simply has to be done. But first, I need some assistance.

Since I'm far too close to my sartorial companions, I've called on a few of my fashion friends to prepare me for which accessories are ready to be recycled and which are here to stay. (Of course, now I'm on the lookout for all of their covetable replacements, but that's an issue for another day.) Below, find out which accessories fashion insiders from around the industry are saying goodbye to (I'm looking at you, pillow bags and dainty chain necklaces) and hello to in 2022.

Shelby Ying Hyde, Contributing Fashion Editor at Harper's Bazaar

Out: Baguette Shoulder Bags
In: Hobo Bags

"I know everyone is still pretty into the baguette shoulder bags that are reminiscent of styles from the 2000s, but the trend has definitely peaked. With the industry's ongoing penchant for all things Y2K, it feels like an obvious choice, especially when there are other shapes from the era that deserve a little love. Instead, I've been gravitating toward hobo bags, like Bottega Veneta's Teen Jodie. An updated take on a classic design, its slouchy silhouette is the epitome of early-aughts style."

Tara González, Style Writer at InStyle

Fashion Insiders's Outdated Accessories



Out: Simple Chain Necklaces
In: Layers of Chunky Statement Necklaces

"I was never really into minimalism, and I feel like simple, dainty gold necklaces are very 2010 now. Instead, I much prefer a huge, chunky statement necklace with big charms, ideally layered with another chunky necklace on top. They instantly make me feel more like myself and can easily make even the most simple look feel so much more exciting."

Out: Pillow Bags
In: Structured Bags

"I'm over the repetitiveness of puffed or pillow handbags. They're whimsically fun, but after so many iterations from high to low markets, they feel tired. I'm replacing them with a structured handbag—I love a classic, framed bag (vintage is hard to beat!) as well as the more innovative shapes that we're seeing pop up at Coperni and Staud. This is definitely where the market is moving next as it allows for more personality and craftsmanship to shine through. Overall, there's a movement toward intricate, architecturally crafted accessories that can be seen in handbags, jewelry, and footwear."

Staud never misses when it comes to bags. 

I would've thought this shoulder bag was at least $500.

Sometimes, the most beautiful accessories are the simplest. 

Aemilia Madden, Freelance Editor and Consultant

Fashion Insiders's Outdated Accessories



Out: Structured Bucket Hats
In: Floppy Bucket Hats

"As I start to spend more and more time outside with the improving weather, I'm realizing that I'm ready to swap out my standard, stiff bucket hats for something fresher. Although it was also big last summer, I'm loving the DIY vibe of a knit bucket instead of a traditional one that's a bit more structured. My plan: Style my new hat with denim cutoffs and either a cool vintage tee or a light cotton blouse."

Jessica Andrews, Fashion Director at Popsugar

Out: Flatforms and Thong Sandals
In: Platform Heels

"I understand why last season was all about comfort given the unprecedented times we're in, but I'm excited to see huge, towering platforms make a comeback, replacing the flatforms and thong sandals of seasons past. Gorgeous and delightfully impractical, platform heels signal a return to normalcy for me; they seem to say, 'I'm back. I'm outside and dressing for the thrill of it!' And those vertiginous heels are far more comfortable than they appear (thanks to arch support). Plus, they make your legs look amazing."

Zara wasn't messing around when it made these platforms. 

Ana Escalante, Editorial Assistant at Glamour

Fashion Insiders's Outdated Accessories



Out: Micro Bags
In: Vintage Watches

"Micro bags were cute for a moment, but personally, I'm not into them anymore. I think that spending hundreds on a bag that truly only fits my keys, wallet, and portable charger (sometimes!) doesn't make the most sense. Where would I put my Tide pen? A girl has to pack everything and more, and I can't keep justifying carrying itty-bitty bags for the aesthetic.

"Recently, I've been getting into vintage-looking watches. Thanks to my dad's collection, which he's been building since his first job, I've been on a watch kick over the last few months. Buying secondhand (or snooping through your parents' jewelry drawers) is always an amazing option. There's nothing more effortlessly cool than a watch that's been passed down."

Not all luxury watches will set you back thousands. 

Splurging on a luxury, pre-owned watch like a Rolex is a great investment and something you can pass down for generations. Plus, it looks incredibly chic. 

Laura Reilly, Founder and Editor of Magasin

Out: Balaclavas
In: Over-Boot Anklets

"As surprised and delighted as I was by the sudden surge of balaclavas among well-dressed people in my circles, I'm afraid I'm going to have to retire them for good. (Or at least, we can reach equilibrium around the unspoken 'one weird item of headgear per friend group' rule.) Instead, I'm steering my energy toward an accessory that's so subtle you just might miss it: the anklet. An anklet in winter, looped over a narrow, knee-high boot, perhaps peeking out from below a long trouser, is a powerful stylistic choice because it couldn't be less concerned with the 'rules' of seasonal dressing. All the quirk of a goofy knit bonnet, none of the market saturation."

Keep your stones and crystals close. 

You heard it here first: Turquoise jewelry is making a comeback.