Did Olivia Palermo Just Single-Handedly Start This Trend?

Olivia Palermo is one of the few celebrities who has the power to start a trend just by wearing something new and fresh while out running errands in New York City. Case in point: She stepped out this week wearing pieces from her upcoming fall collection with Nordstrom's Chelsea28 in-house line, one being a sheer Victorian-inspired black blouse. We're all familiar with the sheer trend by now, but it was what she wore with the blouse that really took us by surprise: suspender pants!

While various retailers have been stocking suspender trousers recently, it's more of a micro-trend at this point. But sometimes all it needs is a celebrity endorsement to make it a full-blown trend (e.g. Palermo). We'll have to wait and see if it starts to gain steam, but if you want to get on board early, consider styling with a simple, neutral-colored top and loafers, in keeping with the menswear vibe. 

See how Palermo wore her suspender trousers and shop our favorites for yourself, below! 


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On Olivia Palermo: Olivia Palermo x Chelsea28 top and trousers.

The high paperbag waist is surprisingly flattering.

We'd definitely wear these to the office—so chic!

These navy suspenders feel a little old-fashioned, in a very cool way.

Kendall Jenner is another celebrity fan of suspenders.

Tell us in the comments whether or not you'd wear suspender trousers.

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