The Outfit to Try Before It's Officially Tights Season

Tights can be a polarizing fashion trend. Some people swear by opaque black pairs with everything they wear between December and March, and some would rather stay completely away from dresses and skirts for winter because they can’t bear that thought. Let us introduce you to the middle of the road and the outfit combination we absolutely swear by this time of year. This iteration comes courtesy of Olivia Palermo.

The pairing of a chunky sweater and miniskirt doesn’t make the most logical sense. One item is designed to show off your legs, and the other to warm up your arm. But somehow the fall outfit idea works in theory and practice because of the balance of coverage and textures via leather and ribbing. As Palermo shows us, the two contrasting pieces come together seamlessly with her chunky platform lace-ups and sleek overcoat that hits nearly exactly at the hem of her mini.

Technically you could keep this everyday uniform in mind once tights weather is officially upon us, too. But really, why wait?

See the complete Palermo look below.


Fame Flynet

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