The Handbag Label Loved By Every Stylish Celebrity

The impact of celebrities on the fashion industry cannot be denied. From countless collaborations (like Olivia Palermo's with Chelsea 28), to the fact that we can't get enough of red carpet and off-duty style, it’s easy to see why it's important for brands to land its pieces on the biggest stars.

One such brand that doesn’t have to try hard to get its pieces into the hands of some of our favourite stylish ladies, is luxury British handbag label Meli Melo

Olivia Palermo, Kate Bosworth, and Lily Aldridge, have all been snapped snapped carrying the brands’ now-signature style, Thela, since label launched in 2005. The handbag is still so popular, that it's still created today, with seasonal colour injections.

We jumped on a call with designer and founder of the label Melissa Del Bono, to discover just how popular the label is in Australia, and what makes the label unique. Keep scrolling to peep our favourite style stars carrying the handbag, and read our interview.

Olivia Palermo


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On Palermo: Meli Melo Thela Taupe ($1075)

WHO WHAT WEAR AUSTRALIA: Have you found your label to be popular amongst Australian girls? Why do you think this is?

Melissa Del Bono: Regardless of their destination, whether urban or coastal, I think Australian girls hold an enduring confidence and unique sense of style. I endeavour to convey these same elements through my designs and I think that is why Australia is one of our biggest markets. My handbags are timeless pieces that can be styled with anything, and they seamlessly complement Australia’s laidback nature and the bustle of its urban cities.

Kate Bosworth


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On Bosworth: Meli Melo Rosalia Mini ($631)

WWW: Why do you think Australia is a good fit for Meli Melo?

MD: All of my creations are led by originality and are meticulously crafted by Italian artisans in Florence. I find that Australians appreciate quality and design, and are always looking for something unique.

WWW: Tell us a bit about what makes Meli Melo unique.

MD: I would say that what makes the brand so unique is its blend of Italian craftsmanship with a sense of London cool; every accessory I create exudes understated elegance and rediscovers the rich blend of my English and Italian heritage.

The handbag Olivia Palermo has been carrying, the sleek trapeze-shaped Thela tote, was inspired by my Sicilian childhood. It revolutionised the way in which handbags can be carried. I couldn’t find a bag that met all of my needs so I created a design that can be worn in five different ways. This distinctive style is so versatile and is the perfect accessory to carry from the office to social affairs. Named after my husband’s grandmother, the Thela rediscovers her inspirational character and effortless style. 

Lily Aldridge


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On Aldridge: Meli Melo Thela Tan ($1075)

WWW: How did you feel when you first saw celebrities like Olivia Palermo and Kate Bosworth step out in your designs?

MD: You can sense the confidence in both Olivia and Kate’s styles and I think that is why women all over the world can identify with them. Living in fast-paced New York, Olivia composes the most beautifully unique ensembles and Kate exudes such an effortless yet sophisticated L.A. flair. I find it empowering how my designs suit both of their lifestyles, even though they are so diverse.

The delicate gold strap will add elegance to your casual weekend look.

This bag is asking to be taken on a European summer adventure.

Are you inspired by Olivia Palermo's style? Let us know why you love it in the comments below.

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