I Worked as a Nordstrom Stylist for 20 Years—This Is My Current Capsule Wardrobe

Jennifer Sattler worked as a stylist at Nordstrom for 20 years, where she helped customers uncover their personal styles and build out their wardrobes. She's now a content creator and at the helm of Closet Choreography. So yes, it's safe to say that she certainly knows a thing or two about what's up in the style department. On that note, she's also a master at creating capsule wardrobes. And her latest street style capsule wardrobe is worth noting. 

"Capsule wardrobes make it easy to put together a range of outfits that reflect your style," Sattler said. "My street style capsule wardrobe checklist can be customized to manifest your personal style." Below, you'll uncover the key pieces Sattler currently swears by to create her chic ensembles.

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1. Leather Jacket


"Fashionable ageless style starts with this piece. Any fabulous fashionista will tell you that quality wardrobe staples like a leather jacket are essential to great style." — Sattler

2. Blazer

"The right blazer makes any outfit better. Blazers help define your silhouette and pull all the pieces in your outfits together." — Sattler

3. Sweater

"I love sweater weather! Customize your capsule to match your style. Choose anything from a classic cashmere crewneck to an oversize pullover to make outfits you love." — Sattler

4. White Tee

"Any ultra-versatile capsule wardrobe isn't complete without a white top. This capsule lends itself to an understated crewneck style you can see layered under your leather jacket or blazer or poking out of the top of your pullover." — Sattler

5. Striped Top

"I've been making fabulous outfits with striped tops for as long as I've been a stylist." — Sattler

6. Silk Shirt


"With the holidays in full swing, key pieces like a silky top that easily transitions from casual to dressy will help you make lots of outfits." — Sattler

7. Denim Skirt

"I've been on a jean-skirt outfit kick since I shared my First Look at Fall Capsule. Continue to wear this new and improved closet essential with boots, sneakers, pumps, and platforms." — Sattler

8. Gray Jeans

"There really are 50 shades of gray, and they all work with this street style capsule wardrobe." — Sattler

9. Track Pants


"Think of track pants as your new trousers." — Sattler

10. Graphic Top

"Graphic T-shirts are the most coveted street style staples. My personal collection almost makes a daily appearance." — Sattler

This post was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

Bobby Schuessler
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